1. is it the same person posting all of these awful rebookings or is it a team of trolls coordinating their misspellings and weird match ideas

  2. "no for Gay Jesus People". Like Yoel just started trashing those poor folks for no reason

  3. What Makes You is so beautiful! I'd love to work on something with your vocals

  4. It may be a stretch but they only released one album as a metalcore sort of band.. Grace Gale

  5. Whatever dude, that's not constructive criticism. That's just hating. Listen to people that tell you it's trash AND tell you how to make it better.

  6. D.R.U.G.S, The Callous Daoboys, 156 Silence, and Varials - absolutely stacked lineup

  7. Say what you want.. I know more Lance Storm catchphrases than Kenny Omega or Jon Moxley or Seth Rollins

  8. Lance Storm had catchphrases other than "If I can be serious for a minute..." ...?

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