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  1. Contrary to popular belief, most suicides are not something that's been building for a long time or something planned out. Most suicides are during temporary moments of crisis. Small inconveniences, even token ones, usually curb impulse suicides.

  2. Are you joking? Have you not seen the post credit scene in Half-Life: Alyx?

  3. The music at the end of Fellowship Of The Ring. Happening after Borimir's death, Merry and Pipin's kidnapping, and Sam and Frodo's departure, it really pulls at your heartstrings as you wish everybody the best.

  4. Mine is the ancestral plane theme from black panther. Can't tell you why. It's not associated with feelings from the film. It just does something to me

  5. Here's the thing. Apparently kaleidescape has access to videos at higher than Blu-ray quality. They have licensing deals to get nearly completely uncompressed films almost as if they were straight master files. Like 200gb each. You can't get them anywhere else. If you want that, you need their hardware

  6. Yeah but I don’t. I couldn’t care less out their locked systems.

  7. I honestly can't recommend anybody plays this game with anything other than am uncompressed cable (hdmi or DP1.4) ot MAYBE WIGIG. Anything else is shit

  8. Well I'm using a Quest 2 so that's not possible for me without buying a new headset. And to be fully honest with just like 2 minutes of tinkering with Oculus debug tool I've gotten the compression when using a cable to the point where I can barely tell the difference.

  9. I mean, the usb cable required for the quest (USB 3.2 gen 2) has a speed of like 5gbps. Most VR headsets use HDMI or display port with speeds upwards of 48gbps. No amount of setting configuration is going to overcome that physical limitations

  10. Buy a cheap white cable cover strip, the dangling cables are atrocious. Equipment is ok though

  11. Half life games past half life 1 don't do normal tutorials. It's all learning on the go.

  12. I didn't realize brittish reality tv was as bad as american. I remember watching kitchen nightmares brittain vs america and it was night and day. No fake squish sound effects, no "gordon solves our marital issues" no dramatic music stingers.

  13. I always thought British reality TV wasn't as bad as American but it's getting just as bad

  14. Compared to LED backlit, OLEDs are very dim, even in localized areas. Its not as apparent on phones because you are so close to the screen, but dark scenes still look really dim...well because its a dark scene :)

  15. And an oled vr panel is even closer to your eyes. Also blocks out light. I don't see the issue. I've never had a brightness issue or even close to one with an oled headset. My only issues have been with screen door effect, but this is rgb strip not pentile i believe

  16. Facebook's goal is not in the realm of gaming. They are USING gaming's popularity to sell headsets. They want to reach a supermajority of users and then pivot to social media, productivity, etc. They want vr headsets to replace computers. They don't care about games.

  17. Often the reason they have cavities like this isn't nefarious, it has to do with steam expanding as it cooks.

  18. Clonezilla, got it. So when I run clonezilla between the two drives, when its done, I can move the bigger drive into my primary m.2 drive slot, power on the tv, and it will be as if nothing happened at all? I'll just see a bigger capacity at the end?

  19. Half Life Alyx is not only the best half life game, it's Half life 3 in all but name.

  20. Idk man. 99% of this games appeal is it's n64 charm. I just don't know if it translates.

  21. People should be using chat gpt as a learning tool. It's really really really good at explaining complicated topics. It's facts aren't always right, so use it as a supplement to other resources. Get your facts from the text book but get your explanations from chat gpt.

  22. My man. Didn't bring their mom down at all, just explained why the sisters shouldn't hate on their dad

  23. Didn't care for botw. Also not a big Zelda fan. I'll probably skip this but I'm glad people will have fun

  24. That would be interesting. Maybe it could take the player to various different cities, with other resistances. Maybe it takes place after HL2:E2. My idea is that after the events of the previous game, various other resistance factions have been inspired by the actions of Gordon and Alyx to fight against the Combine. And once the Combine hear of this, they then make it their mission to fight against the resistence. Maybe this could be a way to bring in some of that cool Beta content like the assassins or the Cremator!

  25. You can't beat 10 bucks for 3 movies. I'd be pissed if I run into technical difficulties.

  26. I be usually watch movies in Dolby or imax when I can. That's the big difference for me

  27. A lot of the newer TVOS’s now have a Plex client. Shouldn’t have to add another source. Have you checked to see if your TV is one of them?

  28. Most tvos's aren't able to do uncompressed audio. The shield tv is the only one I know of that supports it

  29. Gotcha - I assumed you were primarily after the Vision bit.

  30. I'd be focused on both probably. If a single device can give me uncompressed audio for my Atmos setup and allow me to view Dolby vision content, that's the route I'd prefer to choose

  31. Which policies of the current administration do you disagree with? What legislation from the last 2 years in congress have you disagreed with? Its always personal attacks.

  32. You're commenting on things they said at a funeral. That's criticizing their person not their policies.

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