1. I should have had a professional career, retired, come back, and be washed up like the donger... only I am like a Legend now.

  2. I use it everyday, once a night, before the last feed before sleep for the last two weeks. I was put on to it by some fellow dads at work who swear by it and I see why. We had a bad night and I remembered we had it and gave it to her, within an hour she was back to sleeping. When I say bad night screaming, nonstop. Stuff is amazing. I would get a Mylacon tattoo.

  3. It's so interesting to me that kids have totally different bodily functions at different times of the day.

  4. I agree. Our daughter has like three mode right now, sleep, hungry/gassy and curious. I’m fortunate enough to be home with my wife and daughter for these first few weeks of her life and it’s been invaluable. I’ve learned tons about her habits, her needs and it going to pay off when my wife goes back to work and I take the rest of my family leave. I’m by no means an expert but no one is when they start a family. Everyone’s got advice, most of it I don’t take just based on how I’ve seen the children of the people offering it. These two guys that told me about Mylacon, I trust them.

  5. The range of advice! My gosh. Polar opposites at times!! Yes. I'm taking my 8 weeks off. I can technically do more, but want to save the others for the holidays.

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