1. Fornightly server downtime so they can spool down all the servers and fix shit properly.. like they used to do with WoW back in the day :P

  2. I did 4 years in Drum. I hope you like fat girls

  3. Why don’t you ask your friends to jump in with you and one of y’all get it that way?

  4. Also try: take a friend, drop in no weapons (nothing to lose, multiple trys) grab the closest truck, drive straight in and run over the chemist, grab gun and drive straight to exfil. Worked for me and a friend, 2nd time we spawned in real close to the zone and worked perfectly.

  5. Build the lachmen BR like the old cod4 G3. So much fun but absolutely belongs in a trash can

  6. Yo we heard you like quick detach mounts. So we put ‘em everywhere

  7. Not sure but it happened to me yesterday as well after I was stuck in a kill streak when the game ended

  8. Crown Raceway (or whatever it's called) is also in the TDM rotation now.

  9. Use it on single fire, all recoil aim stab attachments. It’s pretty good that way. Not great but bearable

  10. Looks like it is hurt. It has a huge bandaid on it. Lol. Solid rifle.

  11. My assumption is that this is a range queen and is the equivalent of a squatted truck. Looks good until it’s time to do truck stuff

  12. It should be shooter preference. But hand stops are kinda faddish at the moment as well as people copying YouTubers so that’s probably why

  13. It's OK to not put your gun on safe when reloading, in fact its entirely unnecessary and seems to be spreading around because of t rex arms. Just my shitty opinion tho.

  14. It really depends on situation. If you’re moving around teammates and have your muzzle in weird places all the time, train manipulating the selector switch. If competitions are your thing and it’s all about speed, then do what’s faster. Most guntubers are in the “combat” training realm so.

  15. It’s nice to see someone use their rifle on this sub!

  16. Strange, I almost exclusively run Crye gear and never had an issue like it. They will probably do a 1 for 1 swap with you if you talk to them about it

  17. This is pretty dope. Reminds me of the little plastic tan army men when I was a kid.

  18. I think through trail and error you will find the limits of your barrel. Also depends on how long your rifle sits after use. I always like a little carbon build up so I know what I’m getting when I shoot. A spotless barrel will foul a few rounds before carbon builds up again. If that’s not an issue and you want the most life out of your barrel then clean it after every range day. But over cleaning down to bare metal can be detrimental to the life of the barrel as well as your accuracy.

  19. PSA lower - 150 PSA 16 inch upper - 400 Sig Romeo Juliet combo - 300 Ammo - the rest of your budget

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