1. Could their assistant/coordinator hires help to somewhat alleviate your apprehension?

  2. I can't be the only one that thinks this is a bizarre hire, can I?

  3. No. This is AD Mark Ingram's baby. Most of us don't like him much, but to be fair he's done well with fund raising and facility upgrades. He wants a P5 job and this pick is his moment to shine.

  4. For the record, UAB got shut down because Paul Bryant, Jr. had a decades old grudge against Gene Bartow at UAB.

  5. There's a reason that people working the ER call them "donor cycles" or "murder cycles".

  6. Drugs. As in, street drugs. The great majority of them either used to be OTC stuff (cocaine, heroin), or are on the way to being prescription or OTC (weed, mushrooms, LSD). Take an entire bottle of aspirin, you'll have problems. Same thing. Meth cleared congestion like nobody's business until someone had a great idea. Fentanyl is wonderful when they're going to cut you open during surgery, why would anyone think it's a good idea on a Thursday afternoon?

  7. The problem with fentanyl is how many pills that are sold as something else, say Percocet, turn out to be fentanyl. All that has to happen is for such a pill to have too much/too concentrated a dose and someone ends up dead. It's in all sorts of street drugs where you would not expect it

  8. He took over a down program in TN’s toughest private division and went to the state title game in his second season and won the title his third season. He hasn’t exactly been coaching the Little Giants.

  9. They play for their 3rd straight title Thursday night. Presser here is Friday.

  10. Didn’t a school once hire the former CEO of TD Ameritrade and he did fine?

  11. Coastal Carolina, and yes. Dilfer will get us good recruits at QB and coach them up. That brings WRs and more.

  12. Not school money it needs to come from someone’s personal wealth.

  13. Nahhh take 2 into fighter then start caster levels. You get all the armor profs and action surge. Rules as writren action surge is just another action so you can cast double fireball

  14. Plus Con proficiency for concentration.

  15. lmao just get robe of the arch magi

  16. It kinda makes sense. Every liberal I’ve met irl has been anti gun and hates me for driving a truck.

  17. I live in Alabama, and 1/3 of what's on the road are pickups. Hell, I drive one. I'm not anti-gun, I'm anti homicidal assholes with an AR and eight 30 round mags and a couple of pistols shooting people till they get shot.

  18. Bottom line is that the number of mass shootings has become intolerable. Two or three a week anymore.

  19. Interesting. Do you think there's actually evidence that Alito leaked the Dobbs decision? So far it seems like that assertion is based totally on him leaking Hobby Lobby. I understand the suspicion, but it doesn't seem like it would hold up as evidence in (non-"Supreme") court.

  20. I don't know of any solid evidence. Speculation was at the time it happened that it was Alito or Thomas (or that Ginny had leaked it for Clarence) and that it was leaked because a couple of the conservative voters were wavering. Making it public put intense pressure on all the right wing justices to go through with it. Word was that Roberts and Kavanaugh thought that it went too far in one jump, that it would cause a lot of political blowback. They were right but that was not obvious until the midterms

  21. Which fcs team did lsu play in the past two weeks? Legit question.

  22. He does not know UAB is a G5. AAC next season.

  23. Even better. The financial reforms passed in the wake of the 2008 crisis meant to rein in bad behavior stuck the same regulatory burden on small to medium banks, who didn't participate in the crisis, as it did on the giant banks who did. End result was that the small and medium banks became far less competitive, and a wave of buyouts happened. Medium banks ate the small banks and big banks ate the medium banks.

  24. I would add that after government money was given to the big banks to make them whole (including the investment banks that were essentially gambling and started the whole thing), they took that money and bought smaller banks and did stock buybacks of their own stock, increasing the value of their personal holdings.

  25. His brother that broke bad, Moblin the robbin' goblin.

  26. There are rules as RAW, RAI, and rules as guidelines where the DM is allowed to make house rules in their games. Seems to me that the DM is using their right to make a DM call to house rule something.

  27. If it's a house rule, that's effectively the DM actively saying "Not in my world it doesn't." That's fine and well within a DM's power to say. The thing is that he's not saying that, he's saying "This is what the rules say" and then interpreting them incorrectly.

  28. Well, you could play a fighter and get ASI's at 4, 6, and 8, but then you'd be a fighter with a 20 int - but by level 8.

  29. Take it from me who had a Walmart board, this thing won't even roll half a foot with one push. You're constantly going to be pushing, if you ain't pushing you ain't moving

  30. I learned on a mid 1960s vintage board with I shit you not clay wheels. It worked just fine for downhill runs, unless you hit a rock and the board stopped dead.

  31. Lmao they might as well put up their going out of business sign. Who in their right mind would read all of these rules and want to go to this place?

  32. If they're going to tell me that I can't look at my phone while I eat food I'm paying for, well, number one I'm going to make a hell of a scene, and two, they won't be getting any of my money.

  33. You need tougher enemies. If they are walking into a trap, how was the ground a disadvantage for them? Did their attackers have cover while the party had little? Were there barriers that slowed their attempt to close and melee? Did your casters use battlefield control spells? Low level attackers can throw a couple of oil flasks and an alchemist's fire into them as they deal with that and go from there.

  34. Brent Weeks doesn't even describe all the female characters' breasts? He does for Karris and for Kip's wife. They're also in sex scenes. And again, Sanderson describes women's breasts as well but without any real sex. And his character's romantic relationships are... odd. Robert Jordan, on the other hand, is by far the first author that comes to mind if you want to criticize excess description of female characters' physical attributes. Regardless; do you really ignore the prose, thematic elements, plot, and all other literary devices and just judge a book based on whether or not the author describes breasts too many times? I can't imagine disliking or skipping a series for that.

  35. Dude. All I did was comment in a Reddit thread.

  36. I don't understand your point. That would be fine. But, more importantly, do you really just qualify authors based on whether or not they describe the bounciness and/or perkiness of a woman's chest?

  37. I don't give two shits about it unless someone is writing a sex scene. Otoh, if an author finds it necessary to describe the boobs of every female character that comes into a scene I think less of the author. That was basically my point - if you don't need to describe male bulges and perky asses but every female's physical assets are, that's something of an issue.

  38. Basketball arenas aren’t as big as football stadiums.

  39. Which is ducky, but who is going to buy a franchise and pay an NBA payroll for the ten years?

  40. Realistically nobody yet and that’s why it hasn’t happened haha. I’m not predicting we’re getting one this decade or anything like that but it would be pretty neat. Imagine the press from sir Charles alone

  41. Shrug. People want to talk like it's realistic, and it just isn't. I'm not attacking you. I just put it up there with "Why didn't they build a domed stadium instead of Protective Stadium?"

  42. Depending on your part of town, would also recommend the Farmhouse in Springville.

  43. I appreciate the specific upvote 😂. It’s been awhile since I’ve been. So it is a bit of a dated review. Are the burgers there still amazing?

  44. Remember - when you preorder something, you're paying for a good advert, not a good product. Companies know this, that's why they spend so much money trying to convince you to pre-order. Never pre-order anything unless you can be 100% certain you'll like what you get.

  45. No way in hell I preorder from WOTC, not now. Not until some other people have gotten their hands on it (and have spent their money) and given feedback.

  46. Eastern North Carolina barbecue is the oldest style of barbecue in the United States. Every other style is derivative of it. Looking at you, Texas.

  47. Smoked meat with a scoop of slaw on it isn't BBQ, it's a waste of perfectly good smoked meat.

  48. My fave is "Dealing, or the Berkeley to Boston 40 Brick Lost Bag Blues", by "Michael Douglas" (Michael Crichton and his brother Douglas).

  49. Water is terrible stuff, rusts the pipes. Fish fuck in it.

  50. About 8 pounds. Didn't last. What I was most upset about was, even though I followed all the directions, my medical chart says my colon was only "averagely clean." What else is in there?

  51. Depends on what you eat as you get close. If you go over to a low residue diet for a day or two you'll have a bright shiny colon.

  52. PLEASE WOODFIN. The taxes would be SO beneficial for our schools.

  53. If anything decrim would cost the justice system money. They bleed many dollars in fines and fees, cost for random drug screens, etc.

  54. If you build it right, it's hella OP.

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