Lycoris Recoil - Episode 13 discussion - FINAL

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  1. No. It isn't "baiting" anything other than your own intentions. If you go in not expecting yuri, there is 0 "bait".

  2. Im psyched for this, love everyone involved.

  3. You seem to have missed the point. The issue wasn't "collabs bad" the issue was "collabs with very similar creators that they don't personally know and mesh well with gets old fast"

  4. That's not what the comments were saying, all were shiting on Poki in particular saying she is "controversial". Now here is Hasan (the literal definiton of controversial) but everyone is pretty happy about it

  5. Confirmation bias my friend. Majority of people are just tired of having similar guests on that they don't know. All I see here is people worried about having Hasan next to Connor. Just cause you read it once, doesn't mean it's the consensus.

  6. I knew you were talking about the Android app.

  7. So the "fix" to my problems is to report these sites to this site, and sit and hope that eventually it gets fixed at some random point?

  8. Thanks for the info, I'll do that when I have more time. Do you happen to have any info on my first problem?

  9. Idk why people are downvoting you, those eyes clearly look pink.

  10. They didn't say it's a pink slime, they were just pointing out that the eyes were pink, which they are.

  11. What about Marine and Matsuri? Pretty sure they actively retweet every lewd image of themselves

  12. You also get the see the garbage people who don’t put things back where they got them

  13. Glad I'm not the only one who saw some dickhead leave their item there cause they're too lazy to walk back to where they found it.

  14. It’s rare to see a comment their/there/they’re trifecta with all three being used correctly on Reddit.

  15. Oh wow, I didn't even realize it till you pointed it out haha

  16. Maybe you should get your eyes checked cause there's huge difference between both images.

  17. You didn't say there's a difference, you said one is flat, which isn't even close to true. One is leaning forward, and the other is standing straight.

  18. Stop talking cause you are making a fool of yourself. N9 one cares except you.

  19. If "no one cares", then why tf did you comment in the first place? And then reply?

  20. I like how you made sure to censor "shit" in the title when posting to

  21. Their volumetric cloud engine that was basically just built for this mission blows me away every time

  22. Yeah, which is why it made me so sad how restrictive the photo mode is. Pc mods made a true flyable camera and it's incredible some of the shots you can get.

  23. I looked in the fridge and cabinets and figured I had enough. I’m not too good to eat peanut butter sandwiches for a couple of days😂

  24. I live inland and the power rarely goes out for more than a few days, and that's when it's really bad. The 24 pack in my fridge is gonna be fine, pfft.

  25. Lack of mental health services, easy access to weapons, the media will give them infamy and broadcast their stupid manifestos which will inspire others, ineptitude in the police, internet personalities whipping up young people, suffering under late capitalism, sometimes theyre racially motivated, the refusal to put systems into place to stop shootings before they happen, the politicization of school shootings due to the gun lobby makes it hard to talk about, the “lone wolf” mentality… the list can go on

  26. This. So many people crack down onto one singular issue, not realizing it's a neverending list of issues. Fixing one issue will not erase the others.

  27. Right? Like why's it so pixelated when the rest of the image is normal quality?

  28. Bro look at the rest of her posts. Her face is 100% fake in every single one. There's a gif of her moving and her face literally doesn't move, it looks so fake.

  29. I'm so glad this is at the top. That scene is immediately what I thought of when I read the title.

  30. Because it's a scam account. Look at their account, and look how their "sources" are always to the exact same website. They rehost shit to sites with crazy ads and then post the "sources" on reddit so people click and get the ads. Just report the account.

  31. I know the sentiment is 10000% love for this show, and I totally agree, I love the characters. I just feel like all the risk that was brought into the show just... didn't pay off at all. There was constant risk, and no one except Yoshi died, which we all knew was gonna happen when he has Chisato's heart.

  32. I would agree except that Teach and Yoshi’s confrontation was the end of both of their character arcs. Since it’s so well written into the story, and you can tell that’s how the writers always intended it to go, I can forgive it. Especially since they were both really compelling characters.

  33. I agree that how that happened was well written (tho not exactly the best executed), other than that, it was such an unnaturally happy ending for everyone, after all the risk

  34. I tried watching YouTube without adblock. It is the worst experience ever. Ads are the Main reason i stopped watching tv over 10 years ago

  35. Ublock origin and revanced are the saviors of life.

  36. It will turn some guys off, and it will make others cream their pants. Just got to find a man who appreciates all of you

  37. Yep. It's just a normal physical feature like any other; turns some off, turns some on.

  38. It actually is easy, everything is self explanatory lol

  39. The documentation needs a complete revamp, it is downright abysmal.

  40. Which is especially painful when people go "it's so easy"

  41. Watch some older fansubbed stuff and woo boy, 3 lines of text from side to side. It's weird how people don't realize pacing with subtitles is just as important, since we can't understand the spoken words.

  42. Imagine watching all of Chuunibyou and not believing in the Rikka supremacy.

  43. Had to watch this clip on YouTube (it is epic btw) because the Reddit video player is a fucking piece of fucking trash!

  44. He keeps those sunglasses on at all times so that his gigachad energy is only at a fraction, else no one else in the world would ever be able to get laid ever again, since they'd all be going after him.

  45. you'd get skinned alive, then sprinkled with salt for that statement on steam sub :P

  46. It's amazing how epic has brainwashed some people into thinking the issue is "epic vs big bad steam" and not "epic is a terrible company that does anti consumer practices"

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