1. I’d be willing to wager that you and your partner probably had that same energy when you first started seeing each other. NRE is the similar every time and fleeting most of the time. I would consider asking yourself and your partner some serious questions and follow your truths. In my experience, my partner seeing other people invigorates my drive and desire to be close to her. Your partner might feel similarly.

  2. I checked the wallet address for one of these eMails I got a few weeks ago, and two people paid. There's a sucker born every minute.

  3. I know someone who fell for this but way less money. I think the scam was asking for $50. He said he paid it because he watches a lot of porn and he didn’t want to risk it hahahah

  4. No they don’t want full control over your finances, they want their cut every time you make a penny. They don’t give a shit how you spend you money, just that you pay the tax man.

  5. They want both. They are control freaks. What is so hard to understand? They are egomaniacs who have all the money and assets they could dream of. They want your tax money and control over how you spend ''their'' money. They are tyrannical authoritarians that don't just want their piece of the pie. They want their piece of the pie and access to your pie. Saying ''they just want their cut, bro!'' is very naive.

  6. Where do you live dude? Have you ever been to a country that has an authoritarian government? Russia? China? These places LITERALLY dictate how much money you make and how you invest it. Even under the iron grip of the SEC you can YOLO you life savings into garbage like Game Stop stocks and no one is going to stop you. Crypto is a tax cow and the government is going to milk it for what they can. Just prepare to play by their rules.

  7. I worked as a Product Manager at DB for nearly 8 years and actually originally created the Atroz and Hook Line Sync’r lines as well as had a hand in the development of the Catch and Release and can speak to some of this. First off the when we originally developed the Release it was considered pushing the envelope when it comes to geometry, the issue was that upper management drags their feet on any project. Getting tooling opened for a new bike usually takes years longer than it should due to budgeting issues. The release was launched more than 2 years after the project started. This continues to be an issue there to this day. The company was on the right track for many years until the head of sales opted to pour millions of dollars into a road program, this was all siphoned from the success of the Mtb line. The problem now is that the brand absolutely needs a revamp to their entire line but the product department has nearly 0 resources and finances to get anything done so products continue to be carried over. The people working there are awesome smart people who love riding, they just have bad luck when it comes to people above them making poor business decisions.

  8. Just a quick reminder. Coinbase is a publicly traded company that is required to be in compliance with USA regulations and the SEC granted them their status. Most CEX are not located in the USA where the SEC has authority. CEX’s will exist globally regardless what the SEC says. Crypto assets are heavily adopted in the US economy already (ie. JP Morgan, Fidelity, Crypto ETFs, Visa, to name just a few). They are openly traded by countless stock brokerages who have huge lobby powers. Will the SEC strike with an iron fist and regulate the hell out of the industry? Probably. IMO it might not be a bad thing for trading in the US. But you can’t deny the technology and the US doesn’t want to be off the back end of Web 3.

  9. From a perspective of the partner who’s not having the first experience, just be caring and understanding of their feelings. Also, give them the reassurance by reconnecting and expressing love, affection, and gratitude for their openness during their time of jealousy if it occurs. It goes a long way and helps them become more comfortable with the situation if/when it arises again.

  10. Erm, "too big to fail" ring a bell? Crypto was created out of the 2008 crisis when banks were over leveraged on risk and we're bailed out. Binance didn't exist then and we'll be better off the sooner it crashes (assuming they're not legit).

  11. Banks had the benefit of dealing with the US dollar. The Fed will never let the US Dollar fail for obvious reasons. The US would love to see Crypto fall off the face of the earth as it's in direct competition with their printed asset. If faith in the industry dies (which we are reeeeeeally teetering on) then you'll be left with fun digital tokens of a time once was, no way to offload them except for trading them with other nerds for a pizza. Sure it might come back around a a few decades as humans have short term memory loss, but you'll be sitting on those bags for many years. Hey maybe your kids or kids kids can enjoy your woes!

  12. Locked crypto exasperates deflation. The ultimate HODL is a wallet with missing keys!

  13. Yeah, if 2008 taught us anything the US government will pump trillions of tax payer dollars into corrupt businesses to keep their monster afloat!

  14. The ones rooting for it are truly in it for the tech.

  15. A 90% drop would be both entertaining and return to the days of decent upside potential.

  16. I don’t see another “decent upside” for crypto if all the largest exchanges go under and burn average Joes left and right. How is any average person going to risk hard earned money if all they hear is how hundreds of millions of people lost their asses?

  17. I don't trust any exchange but this time I think there is a coordinated attack by SBF's friends in the government to attack Binance.

  18. The same friends that are trying to lock him away for all eternity?

  19. Posts like these happen everyday now. People need to start learning some basics with owning digital assets. Use whatever wallet you want whether it be metamask or a hardware wallet but for god sakes learn how to check an explorer.

  20. I was using the explorer. I mentioned that in my post. The total amount wasn't updating to reflect the transaction.

  21. Sometimes transactions take a while to show up in your wallet. As long as the address was right, you should be fine.

  22. Address is correct and ether scan shows the transaction as success it’s just not showing up in MetaMask in the balance. Do they send wrapped ETH?

  23. Don’t act like Republicans don’t accept billions of dollars of donor money from corporations that are trying to buy votes from politicians. It’s called Lobbying and it should be illegal.

  24. Yes it should be, but this post isn't meant to be political.

  25. It immediately became political when you typed the word “Democrat”. Maybe next time say “Political Parties” instead of putting one side on blast for something the other side is guilty of as well.

  26. Yes, I had to wake up my lady and make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was legit scared my windows were gonna blow out

  27. Sold at the very top and bought at the very bottom, every… single… time.

  28. Everyone is also wondering how US regulations would have any bearing on a company based in the Bahamas.

  29. If there were US regulations a company would only be able to operate in the country if they abided by the regulations no matter where the company is based out of.

  30. If no one goes to jail after this whole fiasco. I will whole heartedly believe all the FTX conspiracies out there circulating in the wild.

  31. The only way someone would go to jail is if there were laws and regulations in place to protect the victims of these crimes. It’s a double edge sword.

  32. I did last winter, this year my Asics became unprofitable and natural gas is cheap.

  33. I ran some numbers. It's definitely more expensive to run the Antminer (since it would run 24/7 vs the heater on 9 hours a day), but it all would depend on when you sell the Bitcoin. If I sold it at todays price it would be just barely cheaper. If I waited until bitcoin hit $50k it would be a lot cheaper.

  34. If you're paying for electricity to heat your home, there's absolutely no reason to not use it to cryptomine and heat your home. In my situation, the electricity - coin+heat is still more expensive than natural gas. your situation its a win win. Unless, as you mentioned, you get a mini split, and the operational cost of a heat pump is lower than electricity - coin+heat

  35. I also don't own the Antminer. My current heater isn't working so I will need to spend money out of pocket. A used S15 is $600 on ebay, while a cheap mini split is about the same. If i had an S15 its a no brainer.

  36. A black chain that had endless issues with uptime and security. Good riddance. Way better projects out there to be bullish on.

  37. Get the Coinbase Debit Card. Pays 4% rewards in crypto that you can then trade on the platform for whatever. You load it up like you would any other debit and you can never overspend. It’s Visa so it works everywhere and it’s money you’d spend anyway.

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