1. Anyone know the meaning of the triangle within the triangle symbol? It seems there are a lot of meanings and I'm curious because one of our governmental institutions have this symbol, inside the 8 pointed star... (star of Venus, Ishtar?)

  2. How many "real people" left on the big subs anyway? They banned all the dissenting opinion and kept human NPCs and literal bots.

  3. We are also a very divided sub In general. We aren’t targeting a certain political view or philosophy in a vacuum like many other subs.

  4. They said that majority people in the audience had glowing eyes, so they all wore contacts? Are you gaslighting on purpose?

  5. Wow, this is great! Oh how I wish Blame would hit mainstream and get to see cosplays like this

  6. he still doesn't get it. He thinks we just were "distrustful of big companies and big government".

  7. SS: A lot of symbolism here, but main thoughts coming to mind:

  8. No one is going to use the poorest country in Europe as a catalyst to the new world order lmao.

  9. Except EU is already planning on investing billions in Ukraine to rebuild it in the near future and there have been conferences in Ukraine showing a prepared blueprint of "tech utopia" where technology and AI will be the main pillars of the governance instead of human bureaucracy and paper.

  10. A lot of symbolism here, but main thoughts coming to mind:

  11. This sub on a major gaslighting campaign... The comment sections are full of bots, npcs and shills

  12. X Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion - by Altiyan Childs

  13. This is just attacking a person, mods should ban ppl like this. They literally dont add anything while throwing ad hominems to cause discord

  14. LOL this user got banned from reddit. Folks be careful of clowns and anarchists that just want to spread BS

  15. These so called elites are so dumb they tell us what they are going to do. Worst criminals I’ve ever seen. Not even entertaining.

  16. They tell us so they can avoid karmic justice. Like if you voluntarily let a robber into your house and later get robbed, that's on you.

  17. No they don’t, tell us because humiliation. They think they are better than us. Smarter than us and karma doesn’t work that way. You think you erase your karma by telling people before they die or get robbed. No it’s energy, what you put out ultimately comes back in and they amount evil they put out will come back to bite them in the future you’ll see.

  18. That's actually a really good point, sounds more plausible than karma thing

  19. It's a variant edition for the first volume of the deluxe edition in Italy, limited to 216 copies. Originally it cost 200€, but now you can find it on ebay for 1500€ or higher from resellers. It's not worth the money, it just has a different cover.

  20. Exactly 216 copies? Like 6x6x6? Wow, what a coincidence!

  21. 216 comes from the Number of years happening from an Eclipse to another (number that Miura choose Just because the oucome of 6 raised to 3)

  22. Miura chose that number specifically, the age of era is 2160 years and each transition from one period to another is 216 years, like we are going now from Pisces to the upcoming Aquarius.

  23. In what way? Through children sacrifice? Are you for fkin real bro?

  24. This dude is literally a troll. Read his name. He’s intentionally twisting the truth to make fun.

  25. Ahh I see, so basically reinforces the whole Saturn death cult theory that there are people that will cause havoc and discord just for "fun" or power

  26. 1997 Cube was really good, was it a remake of this movie?

  27. How can drawing style change so drastically? From the most successful and renowned style ( Blame, Biomega, Abara ) to the most bland and minimalistic ( Aposimz )

  28. Huh, what a curious number that 33, it just keeps popping up everywhere, what a coincidence!

  29. Really? Where else? Genuinely curious.

  30. Its extremely common in headlines on various mainstream media, I will just tell you this - look out for upcoming headlines all over the media with 'died at 33y old', '33% are this or that', '33 people died of this and that' etc etc.

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