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  1. Lol I've gotten tagged a lot recently with this request. I've been meaning to for a while but something else always pops up. I do plan to do it soon though and this time around I'm gonna try and crowd source the outline/script so I don't miss anything important.

  2. I've been meaning to for a while now. Life and modding just gets in the way but thanks for the tag and reminder.

  3. I really gotta get around to making a new vid. Thanks for the reminder

  4. Guys, I'm feeling really depressed. With the inflation that's happening and just reading the level of corruption. I can sort of feel the recession and economy falling apart affecting me. It's getting harder to live with increasing prices and people acting differently in a bad way in turn.

  5. Hey, I think everyone feels it right now. Sticker shock at the grocery store is like a punch in the gut. Just know you aren't alone. You are posting on a super old thread and probably won't get many replies. You would be better off chatting in the daily or the superstonk discord if you wanna just vent a little.

  6. This user has zero posts on superstonk and only 6 comments, all of which are negative karma. But I'm sure we just couldn't handle their "critical thinking"

  7. Awww that's absolutely precious that you think I would remember someone like you. Even looking up your now deleted account all I see is DRS fud sooo guess I'll just have to buy and DRS a few more just for you pumpkin

  8. I watched this the other day, 10/10 good recommend!!

  9. Oh man I love me some coldfusion. I must have missed this one. downloading now.

  10. We have a word minimum for a reason. If you struggle to meet them you might want to take that as a sign it would be better off as a comment or a different kind of post.

  11. If the community doesn’t want the content, shouldn’t the community downvote the content? Kind of stepping into decision maker status here. Y’all have become worse and worse over time, and and hurting the value of the sub by removing as much content as you do. — Please look into letting the COMMUNITY decide the content they would like to see. I could have also updated with the link from Robbie. But my post was about more than IMX, and you removed it from community discussion….

  12. We will have to agree to disagree that a screenshot with a single emoji title is valuable content when participation could instead be directed to the original post or the discussion thread with robbie himself.

  13. OP, I am really interested in multimonitor workflow. Excel docs, Adobe programs, discord etc. What's it like launching anything other than web browsers? Do you need software like virtual desktop? Do you feel comfortable unplugging and walking to the fridge for a drink?

  14. Looks like your question already got answered but for future reference if you are struggling to meet the word requirements that should be a sign that this should have just been a comment and not its own post. We have these reqs for a reason.

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