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  1. Yeah i played a game against them the other day and wow they just get all the tricks, easy cp gain (basically high chance of 1 extra a turn with the WP 5 psychic power,plus a wlt that lets them regain a spent one on a 5+), high damage output, cheap strats with powerful effects.

  2. The faq barely hit what mskes them so busted. Imo they should remove void armor (why do they even have it?), Make the tokens only work on core and characters and have a hard limit of 3 tokens per battleround, with no more than 2 on each unit per turn/battleround.

  3. I thienk void armor suits them well as dwarfes are very much renown for their durability.

  4. They are more durable than normal, thats why theyre t4. We're still talking humans here.

  5. This. Also that I'm just generally not a bragger like that. I indulge in polyamory because it makes my girlfriend and I happy, not to "have loads of vigorous chad-like sex."

  6. I was a fucking teen back then, and sex ed in my country in those years was limited to "Do not have sex becase jesus cries" and fucking magazines with sexual confesions.

  7. I feel like "dont shove stuff up peoples asses" isn't something you exclusively learn in sex ed

  8. The grandfather paradox is based on illogical time travel laws.

  9. For 160 points each I can put an Executioner on my backline objectives, it counts as 5 ObSec bodies, and it counts as that until it's taken 12 T7 5++ wounds, and it shoots my favorite gun in the book for all 5 rounds. What are Nurglings doing for me?

  10. Highest efficiency would be to have as many women give birth per minute as possible, and one guy pressing a button to kill each baby insantly. If he repents at the end, he gets to heaven as well. 100% succes rate

  11. none of these change the fact that you will have developed autism. you will never relate to the vast majority of women no matter how successful you are.

  12. I was looking forward to souping with my DG - but having to pay a patrol tax kind of kills it for me. For the most part I’m just getting more units that are ‘fighty and durable’ which is something that DG already does fine.

  13. Nurgle is the biggest loser in the book by far as well. The loss of DR hits so hard

  14. I think you're vastly underestimating the +Toughness on all the models. The T9 models taking Meltas and Autocannons on 5's to wound, ignoring AP is huge. No -1 Damage or FNP will beat not even getting to that part of the damage step.

  15. Perhaps, I just feel with all the autowounding stratagems and abilities that a lot of it will be circumvented. An exalted bloodthirster is tougher than an exalted GuO and hits twice as hard

  16. You can have all the strategy you want, but when you’ve got fangs 2-3 inches deep in your flesh, all thoughts go out the window. And if it’s a dog with lockjaw, then you’re even more fucked cos it’s basically stuck on you.

  17. Tbh I'm pretty satisfied with the results so far. Should I aim for it to catch on fire?

  18. the message being "gay people exist"? a single flag in a massive virtual recreation of New York City?

  19. cool hypothetical, when has that happened

  20. I did many times and, sadly, most of them weren't on the ring. I grew up in one of the poorer areas of my city, riddled with micro-criminality and organized crime as well. The worst criminals weren't a problem because they had nothing to demonstrate, everyone feared them, but there was always some small dog trying to show off and picking on the apparently harmless big guy. I was regularly the big guy and I looked harmless. At first I was, at least.

  21. This kind of comment never cease to amaze me. There are millions of people in the world that have been shot, stabbed, burnt with fire or acid, tortured and whatnot, yet everytime someone tells his story, there is always the moron that calls him a liar, even if it's tue most banal and common story ever. How narrow has to be your mind to be so idiotic?

  22. People who go through those things generally dont glorify it, or are part of the problem. Either way, yikes dude.

  23. I care about my own models being painted. Pref that theire are, but its not in my control anyways

  24. The more you care, the less others seem to. Just gotta accept you'll never get back what you give.

  25. Points costs along with how good bloodcrushers are

  26. I know you aren’t agreeing with it. But wouldn’t that argument have to be gay people who also want to marry their siblings. I mean being gay or straight is the same comparison but marrying a sibling and marrying another person of the same sex are not a comparison since being gay is an orientation and being married to a relative is not at all that.

  27. If you scroll a bit, you see that the comment was made in relation of the slippery slope fallacy

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