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  1. Also does anyone have any good strategies for farming studs?

  2. i used to do this back in the day - in between each level, go back to the cantina, go around the outside and destroy all the trash cans for studs. it gets you about 25,000 studs in between each level, which adds up quickly. and it only takes like, 2 minutes.

  3. Bro don't act like this is connected to Abbott. Conservatives don't believe this crap, just idiots like this.

  4. And yet idiots who think like this are overwhelmingly conservatives.

  5. Where you getting those numbers from? Now obviously if you're a white racist person you aren't gonna flock to the party branding themselves as the "diverse party", but that really only goes for whites racist against non whites.

  6. While this shows exactly why the verified thing was a bad idea, it also shows why companies should not have a Twitter account.

  7. Thinking of the republican party as a single unit shows you don't know much about politics. A lot of people weren't on his side for his whole presidency. But they still would vote for him if he was the only option cause they don't like the other person more.

  8. Taxes and the 2nd amendment. That’s why this will happen again and again.

  9. Pretty sad realizing that some women are actually forced to live through that hell πŸ˜”

  10. I mean if they let the Deadpool writers write it then it might actually be pretty good πŸ‘


  12. Still, having to take it out of the glass and moving it to something new is an unnecessary risk that could result in damages

  13. Biden won Fort Bend by 12 points, so this isn't too hard to believe. This would indicate that Abbott's lead is much smaller than polls are suggesting - more similar to Trump in 2020.

  14. Friend of a friend kinda thing. Probably just conjecture or made up.

  15. Lmao what else do you want from a short cameo on a 25 minute show? Ugh they totally ruined his entire show on Netflix because they made the character not sad and tragic for a brief moment while he was in LA and not in hells kitchen where all the bad shit is.

  16. Yeah, so you just don't get it huh? No, no one is mad that daredevil has a different tone and is more lighthearted. We're mad that they did such a bad job with it that he's not funny, just cringe and annoying.

  17. Yeah you don't have to do any of that. It's just marketing.

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