Semi truck emergency brakes react amazingly quick

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Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts

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Sarah Palin Just Lost a 50-Year GOP Seat to Alaska’s First Native Rep

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  1. The term "recall" seems outdated when the fix can be applied by an OTA software patch. Why not just call this a "patch"? Seems more accurate. Headline becomes

  2. Because it's a recall for a safety issue by NHTSA standards. Here is the filing

  3. Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only time.

  4. twitter is the tragedy of the commons, not the town square

  5. How about: why do we keep running the guy who keeps losing

  6. Losing a few races is hardly unusual in politics. A Democrat hasn't won Texas governor in 30 years. Ann Richards barely squeaked out a win in that race and it wasn't against an incumbent.

  7. Nobody else even came close to Beto in the primary. People act like some other Democrat was going to magically beat an incumbent governor in red Texas. Abbott won 2018 by 13% and 2014 by 20%. The difference in this election was 11% meaning Beto did better than the previous two Democrats.

  8. I'm going back to Waterloo where the vampires hang out and I'm gonna wear my sunglasses at night


  10. Q2 2022 happened a long time ago. This isn't current.


  12. That doesn’t make them the majority or a significant part of the total. A large growth of a small number is still a small number.

  13. I have never seen more people care about ad companies than in this thread.

  14. i've never seen people stan so hard for a billionaire

  15. that's straight up misinformation. they reduce transmission of the virus by lowering infection rates. just because you can still spread a breakthrough infection doesn't mean the vaccines don't help

  16. imagine still believing those crackpots pushing ivermectin

  17. The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions has a lot of good proposals and information.

  18. Ted Lieu (53), Eric Swalwell (42) and Katie Porter (48). Pick any 1-2 of those Californians.

  19. Get out of here with that. TF lost people when he started his personal vendetta against Elon. Get back to shaming air purifier go fund me scams

  20. he's never going to accept your offer of oral sex

  21. While I agree she's a twat, I must say I find she's handling the loss far better and classier than I ever would have expected. She is one of the few Trumpy-ish Republicans who lost and who have been gracious in defeat (Dr. Oz was another surprising standout). Can't give her credit for a lot of things, but that's one thing you can!

  22. Sarah Palin actively spread misinformation about elections including attacking Dominion, mail in voting, and ranked choice voting. She doesn't deserve credit for shit.

  23. palin played herself. weak candidate

  24. he’s golfing, getting millions in campaign contributions, and media is still shitting out hundreds of articles a day about him. he is living a narcissist dream life

  25. you don't have to amplify everything this person does

  26. He doesn't "tell" the supreme court anything, they tell him. He can hope it falls 'exactly' under the Education Secretary's authority. The supreme court will determine that and it doesn't look good. Congress & legislature make bills and laws that dictate how our tax dollars are spent. Not the "education secretary". Seems like wishful thinking to think you can go around Congress whenever you want. Trump tried to do that and spend a mere 2% of what this would cost to build his wall and the left had a complete meltdown.

  27. “Person who helped write law thinks law should be passed” is the least useful article I can think of.

  28. well, they are countering the idea that this isn't a valid use of the law which seems very useful to me

  29. Thank God they are doing this. Who cares about immigration or the debt ceiling? Thank goodness for priorities.

  30. these large corporations need to be held back. there hasn't been enough focus on them

  31. the Ann Veal / Ann Bland of presidential candidates

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