I want to say, I was super terrified to post my last photo of my Luke Skywalker costume but you guys loved and I can't say thank you enough for the support.

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  1. When the Human and Alien dude we're just bickering about work related stuff in the radio-office. Both using their own language, neither acquiescing either, yet both understanding each other perfectly well. Brilliant. I've had the same real world experience at work with dudes who spoke 3 or 4 languages, mixing phrases so fluidly and effortlessly depending on who they're with. It's hilarious to see it nailed.

  2. I've seen dudes surrender to a Cessna. It's not what the Cessna is going to do, it's what his friends he's talking to are going to do.

  3. Big truth! Absolutely Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. except artillery, artillery will absolutely kill you

  4. Dude, the way your costume hangs around your body proportions is very reminiscent of how some of the old 90's-comics artists drew Luke. You look fantastic!

  5. Bro you keeping a tab stuffed in your watch pocket for the inevitable showdown at Denny's?? Jk pal RLTW

  6. Just gotta whip this bad boy out and people fall to their knees. Little do they know this school only teaches you how to be really cold and bored for long periods of time.

  7. With a spencer rifle for sure! A percussion lock rifle loaded prior to rain 99.9% sure…ish

  8. Foul, tricksy, FALSE trooperses! Sneeeaky, they are, my love.. They WATCHES us!

  9. Kanye West has been BANNED from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Commenting on the issue, Ayatollah Khamenei has said, “I admire the man’s commitment to antisemitism but I can simply not stand by someone who hasn’t dropped a decent song in over a decade.”

  10. It's like a ghost ship, just drifts along with no crew until someone discovers it gently landed in a field. The actual Flying Dutchman.

  11. There's a legit story from WWII of a B-17 basically doing just that. Spooky stuff

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