1. Eli getting benched, ending his 210 game starting streak, and then being named the starter for next week.

  2. Fuck Ben Macapoo, I hate that dude more than republicans and democrats hate each other.

  3. If you want to see what happens in a lot of different aspects of the oilfield, start in flowback. You'll be able to see what most service companies do and learn about the early production of how wells flow, and understanding production equipment. I just left flowback after a little over 5 years and was hired as a LACT pipeline tech, sounds like a night pumper position opened so I'll probably get switched to that soon though.

  4. Like Lake Mead, might not be flush with liquid assets. Or he's taking a break. Or he's got some casino/restaurant stuff that's more important. Or he's not playing streamed games right now. Or who fucking knows.

  5. I guess so. And yet I find it more profitable than NLHE. I just play hands that are 3 to Broadway and 3 to the wheel and print. It’s crazy how bad people are live.

  6. That's because 80% of the people in Minot/ND basically tell you what they have by betting or checking in the big O games around there.

  7. Last year I made 206k before taxes and expenses as a flowback supervisor running a personal truck getting paid by the mile. I worked 282 field days at around 14-15 hours a day. Have to pay for everything on your own truck (fuel, maintenance/tool, pretty sure I spent around 15k just on diesel last year) I think my truck made almost 1/3 of that money.

  8. Eh, it's pretty average for starting out on the pumper/lease operator side of things. I'll end up working about 1000 less hours/70 less days a year and get a company pickup where I don't have to worry about fuel/maintenance/random repairs. After doing 5+ years of flowback and dealing with that, I'd never go do frac/coil/work over shit. So midstream shit is about all that's left out here.

  9. They pick you up usually after you have missed 2 full downs.

  10. Yep, I'm def changing industry, long live oil.

  11. Production side seems pretty decent from what I heard so I'm trying that, see how it goes. A bit less money but I'll probably end up working 60ish less days, and probably 1000 less hours a year when you count 10 hour field days vs 12.

  12. Nice. I would much rather work 10 hour days then 12. More time to play poker! What region are you working in?

  13. I'm in North Dakota. Yah gotta drive an hour each way but get paid for driving. Still better than flowback or a lot of service companies. I should get about $2500-3000 every 2 weeks after taxes with having 6 of those days off. I literally just started on Monday so we'll see. I actually was hired as LACT/pipeline tech but a night operator position opened right away so think they're going to transfer me to that. Gamble or gold on my days off, just got back from a 4 week Vegas trip before I started here. A lot better jobs than doing most service jobs out here I've learned, just had to finally take the chance on one.

  14. 3. There's a 0% chance I would ever do that. 4. The amount of hands that would tell me that, and couldn't give a fuck what I told them about things was 95%. Learn something everyday, then get out of flowback. Source: just did 5.5 years of flowback, supervisor for 4 of those.

  15. It's the same most any type of gambling, if the house offers it they have the edge over the long run.

  16. buyin that goes to prize pool is $245(minus fees probably), Optional addon for $15 that goes to the dealers not the prize pool, at least from my experience.

  17. Check out poker atlas for full list but daily Wynn and Aria tournaments are pretty decent for less than $200 in my experience.

  18. Is atlas preferred in Vegas? All my local casinos seem to use Bravo

  19. It seems like it, full list on the poker atlas app and able to scroll through list vs bravo having to open each casino and hoping there tournaments are up to date. Bravo for cash games in Vegas is better though in my opinion.

  20. Sometimes blockers and the Easter bunny are the same.

  21. Poker bankroll tracker. There's a free version that's pretty good and a $15/year version that allows you to sort and search things and whatnot.

  22. Notice the water in the cup holder instead of bottle after bottle of champagne…

  23. You can still lose without drinking booze. Source: me, been sober for 6 years.

  24. Depends on the game, I've played some shorthanded big O with it and some other weird games that are difficult for me to play let alone explain lol.

  25. Nope, single pot unless it's high low, or another variation of a split pot game.

  26. Wynn and Venetian for tournaments, usually at least one of those has a series going on. Granted sometimes on the weekends you'll have the 800-3500 buy-in bigger guarantee multi-flight events. Venetian seems to have a decent amount of 500s on weekends throughout the year though. Poker atlas for tournaments is good and have personally never caught an error.

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