1. I think Wikipedia's intro explains it a whole bunch better, and less short termy....

  2. It's called the CPL. The cities with teams in the MLS will not "come down" to that level.

  3. Expected by who? Seriously, someone expected two wins from Canada?

  4. Expected goals is a statistical model that determines most likely scorelines based on a multitude of factors. I'm not the right guy to explain how in depth or how many different factors go into the model but it determines based on the amount and quality of chances how many goals would have likely been scored. We underperformed both offensively and defensively compared to where we were "expected".

  5. Did we really have to do this with the "Floridian Fondler?"

  6. Honey, nothing in these texts to your sister are to be construed as authorizing me to cheat on you.

  7. You should tell them to use Parental Controls on the Ignite app. Then you wouldn't have to worry about ending in those places.

  8. The two lots full of trees on opposing corners near my house would disagree.

  9. The two lots full of trees on opposing corners near my house would disagree.

  10. The two lots full of trees on opposing corners near my house would disagree.

  11. He probably wouldn’t be the player that he is today then.

  12. I suspect if there was a massive RUD of the booster, losing a Starship that might not be flight ready anyway, might be the least of their problems. Rebuilding stage zero would take a lot longer than wheeling out the next starship that is almost ready anyway…

  13. I don't see how a serious launch attempt with 33 roaring engines could be made when a few second static fire of just a fraction of that is all that's happened.

  14. Oh no! What is this white stuff falling from the sky. What do I do with it?

  15. a productive, honest member of society sacrificed, and their murderer gets coddled and a free ride with social programs

  16. Victim is still alive; but don't let a little thing like the facts get in the way of your narrative.

  17. Any one figure out if the Gladue act was invoked? If unfamiliar read about it. Hundreds of people avoid pen time for brutally violent acts every year in Canada. What’s another one on the street!

  18. Yeah, she'd NEVER do anything like change to Livingston-Macleod for the General Election...

  19. Oh no! Wouldn’t it be horrible if people were lawfully unable to discriminate against classes of people!

  20. It’s a segment on Pardon My Take podcast. They rank the top 4 of ____.

  21. Yeah, that uses MoCA to talk to portals, so whether you have them or not, throwing MoCA extenders on to the coax cable is likely to be problematic.

  22. Does the HT room have it's own power meter? If not, eventually the power meets up at one place.

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