1. Yet, the democrats did nothing to change it. So, yeah, both sides are to blame, stfu about "red bad" no "blue good".

  2. Show me in my post where I said “blue good”. This was voted on by one party. That party gets called out. Anyone who constantly screams “both sides” tends to always go with the worst side.

  3. Surprise!!! Republicans using the power of government to punish businesses who don’t take battle in their culture wars

  4. You should have gotten Apple to get 2 or 3% back with no limit.

  5. Apple Card is a Mastercard and can’t be used at Costco. That’s why I got my active cash. It’s visa

  6. DeSantis is the least libertarian politician out there.

  7. I'm not sure that's true. But he's certainly the loudest. I have suspicions there are worse out there, not getting as much attention.

  8. True. Trump is worse with his anti gun stance and his freedom violations. Trump hates due process

  9. That’s a low bar though, especially since they claim to care about freedom and libertarianism.

  10. Don’t let the Trumpers LARPing as libertarians fool you

  11. When Abraham Lincoln freed Black people from slavery, he didn't make White people slaves too. He freed Black people from slavery.

  12. That was 1913 when legal marriage came in. The main problem is that there are legal rights you ONLY get with marriage

  13. And my take is that we should've detached those legal rights from marriage so the gays don't have to get married to have them.

  14. I agree. But the problem is no politician is doing anything to separate it right now. Republicans have control of congress. No one even talks about it.

  15. Should've shot them down, but that's a deflection. We are talking about right now. Whataboutism makes it sound as though you are incapable of making a proper response. Especially when you don't acknowledge anything I said in my comment. On top of that, I, nor anyone except you, mentioned Trump, so it seems the only reason you'd bring him up, is to either force a logical fallacy via whataboutism, or to try and oust me as some sort of hypocrite, despite me never saying whether or not I support him.

  16. Saving this comment to quote you anytime I see a “whatabout” comment on this sub

  17. Wait, didn’t republicans complain that he wasn’t shooting it down?

  18. I have a Hilton Amex and IHG Mastercard and the IHG has restrictions on which hotel we can use the points. Not a fan.

  19. My problem with IHG is that a lot of the hotels don’t allow you to use points. My Hilton Amex has no restrictions

  20. I've spoken out against Trump many times on this very sub. I just don't have TDS like you do.

  21. That I said you’d defend Trump and you did?

  22. Stupid decision but if it was consensual I don't think it violates NAP.

  23. I hate to say it but I agree with Jim here. They are crazy and they followed through on “my body, my choice”. And to be honest it gets more crazy people off the earth.

  24. Boomers are like super stupid. I feel for their generation

  25. Show me in the photo posted where that information is. Not seeing it

  26. Sorry, the comment was not necessary aimed at you, but the pics/meme’s intent to mislead.

  27. She’s an idiot who married a registered sex offender who exposed himself to little girls. Is anyone honestly going to care to look it up?

  28. The only reward for hard work is more work. Never put in extra effort if it’s not your own business

  29. How long until you're vested? Where I am, it's five years to be fully vested, but your payout is based on your years of service and averaging your 3 highest earning years. You can buy up to 5 years of additional service credit, but it's pretty expensive. But it's a defined benefit plan (a pension), so not dependent on the stock market and our PERS here in WA is one of the top 3 best funded in the U.S.

  30. I worked at a public place once and other employees were complaining how much they hated the job so I said “then leave”. All of them said they can’t afford to as they couldn’t make what they make with their education level anywhere else.

  31. People have a New Year’s resolution to get a side hustle

  32. You are proving systemic racism with your post

  33. Obviously you're not an actual libertarian if you support trump.

  34. Careful. Don’t talk ill of heir trump or he gets all lit up

  35. I was turned down to be a cop because I had a single tattoo on my forearm. My local cops have a strict no tattoo policy out of the 1950’s

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