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  1. Does it vibrate my butt plug when by ammo runs low?

  2. Don’t threaten me with a good time

  3. Missed the opportunity to sandblast it and throw LEDs on the side and make the letters glow

  4. Democrats literally fund far right politicians campaigns this is no secret just Google it. And you should think about that next time you donate to your favorite politician.

  5. Such a general statement does nothing to inform people about why Dems have supported certain Republicans campaigns. And it shows a lack of understanding on your part. You've made an assertion, without context, to help form a narrative that is inaccurate. Dems supported specific candidates that they believed Dem candidates could beat. Largely, it worked. Not everytine albeit, but enough to hold the Senate and beat back the mythical red wave in the House.

  6. Yeah they used your donation money to fund campaigns for far right politicians ones that specifically wanted to overturn roe v Wade and dont believe in gay rights or trans rights. Why don’t you tell them what these candidates supported you braindead liberal.

  7. If this was in China people would be losing their minds talking about how dystopian it is

  8. To me China is already living in the world of Farenheit 451

  9. All I’m saying is US has a military police state not far from China and people doing even realize it. They’re so brainwashed and complacent it’s insane.

  10. We have billionaires whove worked for Comcast living in Boulder actually! They’re part of our community and sure they use less than respectable practices to get rich but hey they got theirs so fuck you, which seems to be the general sentiment of most property owners in this community.

  11. They could donate these to a food bank to feed the poor. But they wont. And before someone says it’s a “liability” most states have laws that protect businesses that donate old food so no it isn’t a liability because the food bank sorts through the donations by hand. Anyways free food to feed the poor isn’t profitable welcome to capitalism.

  12. Dude you don’t get it. The devs want to control what servers and maps you play on. They couldn’t get away with it for PC obviously but console players are used to be dicked around by AAA devs so HLL devs are just following in their footsteps. Basically devs are saying fuck you youre not gonna get what you want cause they say so.

  13. Isogrid is mechanically superior

  14. At least it’s not an MRAP I guess

  15. IDK who’s training these soldiers but what the fuck

  16. If he just wanted to apologize he could have just left her a voicemail. But no, they went on a date, cause we all know what really went down.

  17. Seems like a great idea to lose a finger

  18. Dw man, I'm in the UK and it makes no difference, Infact they are currently pushing thro legislation to make it a criminal/sackable offence to strike without providing a minimum service (which they do already, but now to greater extremes) i.e making striking useless. Which ironically it already is haha

  19. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable - JFK

  20. Weird that people still think the Israeli government speaks for the entire Jewish community, which is actually antisemitic to believe the Jewish community is a monolith and all have identical opinions dictated by the government.

  21. Nope the game is surviving off the backs of clans unlike noobs that’s made the game unplayable during the holidays

  22. This was such of a waste of time for me to read. Wish I could get that time back.

  23. Because that's where the Christian Authoritarianism has gained a foothold

  24. No it’s where the boomers decided to retire so yeah that’s what’s really going on. Bunch of hateful sexist racist boomers. Fuck boomers.

  25. Why don’t people just leave Florida it’s a shit hole there

  26. So they’re going to ban worker co-ops? So much for the “free market”

  27. Catholics honestly do a better job at feeding and clothing the poor than most Christians, evangelicals in particular.

  28. I guess I’m just kinda confused at where Jesus says in the Bible that the church should run a major bank and hoard $30+ billion in wealth lol

  29. Bible: Pedophilia is bad.

  30. Looks like Florida is gonna be the next Russia, complete with cleptocracy.

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