1. American accent. I'm about to get alot of hate for this

  2. Liberator is made for 2 ppl to crew so it will serve you better. I have a similar desire as you and the Lib is my ship

  3. I slept on the liberator when I had the chance but the more I think about the more I realize how great that ship is going to be. It's got more than enough cargo to make some money on the side plus hauling ships around should also be profitable

  4. Exactly. It is essentially a space ferry and not a carrier but there should be money to be made in ferrying and I think it's basically a blank canvas for a lot of fun time with a couple other people.

  5. 100% it seems like it opens alot of doors for various types of gameplay be it ground ops or moving a small fleet around. Happy cake day btw

  6. well you know what they say. they definition of insanity is doing the sam ething and expecting a different outcome

  7. whats the setting or key bind called to set the hail ATC to a hotkey i cant for the life of me find it

  8. I cant even get past the loading screen or the crash on loading in

  9. I wish I turned my BMM into a liberator when I had the chance

  10. If they're on the other team I do what ever I can to shoot them down if they're on my team I try protect them

  11. Right pedal right roll and hold it. But seriously use the normal controls the helicopter flight model in warthunder is so bad

  12. Doesn't the RPG need to spin in order to arm or am I thinking of some other munition.

  13. I believe that that is 40mm grenades that US uses, I know the M203 is rifled. RPG is just a tube AFAIK

  14. You are 100% correct. I find the game past 8.7 pretty much unbearable. Low tiers are amazing and fun compared to high tier which is just pain and suffering and all the bugs. We just need one patch dedicated to QOL and BR decompression

  15. If it was volumetric then the challys add on armour should make it a god but its the worst performing ERA in the game

  16. looks like the nova tank from star citizen

  17. I do runups before every single gle leg even if it's a quick turn around things break for no reason. I'll preflight if I've left the plane unattended if it's not unattended I just check tyres brakes hydraulics and oil

  18. You’re insane, no one has ever researched a tech tree just for the AA……

  19. I speed researched Italy the day they came out just to play the otomatic

  20. Single is so much easier to understand and much more intuitive you little put it smack bang on the FD and bobs your uncle no more thinking even required

  21. Why is the otomatic and centauro both going to 11.0. Centauro is ok I guess it doesn't make a difference but still shouldn't go up and the otomatic is dead already and now they want to make it even worse. Why

  22. what happens to these people if a anchor ball hits them?

  23. Never use heat unless you’re going against an open top or you need the extra pen for something like a Maus

  24. I've switched to HE and the apfsds and the HE feels like the old heat round

  25. i mainly use the apfsds shell... its spalls like crazy!

  26. I've gone to HE. I find the APFSDS just over pens since there's so many light tanks in this BR range

  27. the BF109 and spitfire got me into warthunder back in ye olde days of 2014

  28. did you do it with premium time or pure sufffering?

  29. keep it and sell later on down the line when the price goes up and use that to pay for premium time or somehting you actually want

  30. were you just intercepting his missiles with yours?

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