1. Yes, instead of going back to school you can just get a different, better job. I got fired from my first job for being unproductive but I was a rock star at my second (after about 6 months hard grind).

  2. They said no, they mentioned their boss came up to them one day and said something about performance.

  3. why are you doing a master's? did you already leave amazon?

  4. My last date at Amazon is Dec 20. I am from India and I could have gone to US through an internal transfer from Amazon in 2 years time but I actually want to do my masters to explore machine learning and fundamental concepts in detail. Hence the decision to do masters.

  5. mentioning the country you're in in your post should seriously be rule here

  6. I’m getting torn to shreds in these comments damn :(

  7. I don't want to give out too much info here, since this post was primarily for me to get motivated. i can certainly talk about it in dm.

  8. you don't need high gpa to get more experience now so understandable

  9. do you want to end up where your instructors are?

  10. My org had a team week where we came in person and I learned about tmux and aliases which are two small QOL things that I can’t live without now.

  11. I've had both. My current one actually even developed one of our products, but has 0 clue when it comes to frontend work (which is what I'm doing now). But she listens, if I tell her I have a small issue here or there, or that there's a bit of a limitation of xyz, she'll understand and help me in one way or another. Only 'downside' is that since she's so good in backend, she takes that part very seriously and is 'stricter'.

  12. Also, remember you’re applying at a time that companies famously don’t hire Jr level ( October to December). Wait till January to try again . But if you’re still in school, I suggest you use a tool like Fiverr or to get yourself a job and make it full-time after you graduate.

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