1. I used to suffer from this heavily. When my gf would go out and party with her friends I would just imagine all her friends shit talking me calling me weird. I would also get very nauseous when she wouldn't respond for hours and I would see through other peoples social media she was with some dude or an ex and I would just lay and cry or pace until she responded.

  2. I helped build a directional antenna and I was able to get 4 witnesses 11-13km away. It was only like $14 to make too. I don't think an omni would be able to get that kind of range. So I agree directional can be worth it depending on use case

  3. Besides being a blatant ad it's hilarious for a company to say it evolves with a trend yet is years late

  4. Often the people who are the most vocal and freak out are the ones who don't understand the technology. There's a difference between blind hope a company does well opposed to actually agreeing and sharing the same core beliefs. There's no doubt the need for what Helium provides is growing. I mean look at Solana, I would have never imagined 5 years ago we would have AWS equivalent but for L1 blockchains.

  5. Why would you assume you can make more than 2$ a day? 2$ a day is great for a machine that sits there and doesn't cost you a thing. It's minimal power consumption is negligible in cost. At 2$ a day the machine is paid off in 2 years. I don't understand why or how peoplr expect this thing to be some sort of money printer.

  6. My neighbor makes almost $75/month still with 1 miner at an HNT price of ~$2.25. When HNT was around $10-$20 they were making ~$200/month. It's not impossible by any means it just requires work and thinking which apparently many don't want to do at all

  7. True dat! I was hopeful of making a heck of a lot more and will likely sell off my second one (still unboxed) for some paltry amount soon so I don't have to see it on the shelf in my den every time I go there.

  8. Do you not anticipate the Lora network to grow? I'm always confused when people take an investment and crystallize it in it's current state and that's it. If you understood the use case, technology, and industry growth you would be deploying at a mass scale still.

  9. The only issue with this is I might not like marshmallows at all the next day so reading that I love them might make you feel even more detached as you are conflicted. Might be great for others tho!

  10. I relate to this which is why identity has been a struggle for me. I enjoy this sentiment though, and have tried it in the past. It's hard to find the balance of always being an evolving person + pinpointing your identity

  11. Exactly, which is why sometimes I find more peace in pinpointing my identity as an ever evolving person

  12. I agree that autism and BPD are very closely correlated and intertwined at times.

  13. I definitely agree with the first part! If I had not been able to read emotions I would have not survived in between my parents (one autistic and one extremely emotional to the point of probably bpd herself.) I have no idea how autism develops, and afaik it is still an ongoing research field, so I don't know wether they are developmentally intertwined. I would also fit in the criteria, that bpd is developed extremely early in life, around three years old, and the rest is basically aftermath/other ways of a dysfunctional family structure.

  14. Exactly, I find it fascinating you can understand something, know how it works, yet you still say "but the wound still happened". Is that alluding things will never be "normal" how you view them or is that what we view as the byproduct socially of explaining physical residue affects from it?

  15. We do this all the time, putting plants into dormancy by putting them in cold places, limiting light and water. Then bringing them back to trigger whatever it is they needed a dormant cycle for, usually flowering. Altering the extent of certain growth cycles by manipulating nutrient ratios.

  16. So in theory could you have a canopy of strawberries, harvest, flip to dormant, then flower again? Assuming the environment supports it and nutrients. Thanks

  17. The problem you will run into, if this process is manually trigger-able is that plants tend to go through these lifecycles for a reason. If a perennial plant expects to have a dormant season the dormancy exists for a reason.

  18. Your concern is actually what I am looking into. If you can supplement enough factors well enough to make the plant healthy enough to quickly flip.

  19. This is a good method and helps promote growth of a more over reaching understanding or sense of self that starts to soothe the disruptiveness. It's like slowly filling in the potholes on a bumpy road of emotion

  20. Maybe try focusing on yourself in a removed context. Don't look at your job as what it is day to day but what it means in your life. Why do you do the things you do? Don't focus on the fact you think you should feel a certain way towards your hobbies and passions as this perception will destroy them regardless of what happens. Also try reinforcing a positive outlook. Given a circumstance the outcome could be good or bad so instead of preparing or thinking of the bad look to the good and shoot for that. Overtime deeply ingrained mechanisms will begin to get easier to overcome mentally.

  21. For reasons of self preservation by external factors either come to terms with it, not easy to do quickly, or tell your father, not easy either. BUT you will feel and be in a better position by acting upon it opposed to sitting in silence. Realize what may come from your actions and anticipate it if you need but don't dwell on it. Life is not always a cake walk but you have the power to change and hopefully for the better. Goodluck!

  22. it's not rude at all. if it's a suggestion and not sounding like an official diagnosis or anything like that, it's totally okay to tell someone you think they might be autistic. in fact, it might help this person learn new things about themselves!

  23. Exactly and in turn it's actually been incredibly profound for myself as well

  24. It depends on the quality of the call. If it's WiFi or facetime audio it's high enough fidelity I don't have an issue. But I much prefer to talk in person than call or text

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