1. Well we don't know her HR and BP but You could at least expect this and preemptively have pressors ready if you are worried about CO no? Edit: w fluids ofc.

  2. We set up 3 lines including an IO and pressure bagged fluids during the initial resus

  3. Background: Mid 40's Female with a history of DM, Seizures, and VP shunt presenting for AMS. She lived at Community Center and no collateral information was available. Arrived in status epilepticus with poor respiratory effort. Tachy to 170's, Leukocytosis, and Lactic Acid over 20. Pretty bad DKA.

  4. You can add HCA bashing to that list . I get it's unpopular, but posting anything HCA related and the pitch forks come out.

  5. The lack of a chest tube with suction would be a question for the sending MD to answer.

  6. Not sure what the original pressure was but if you have a pt on propofol that hypotensive the correct management is not to immediately switch sedation, instead add Levo.

  7. A chest tube likely was warranted but I'd also be suspicious of a problem with the ET tube. It's not uncommon during transports for it to get dislodged or advanced. In this case, it could make sense the tube was accidentally advanced causing a main stem intubation. That would explain the sudden desats and changes in pressures.

  8. You should ask you agency's medical director since they dictate the policy. Each region is a bit different.

  9. If you're anti-HCA it may not be for you, but it's an awesome program.

  10. I created a website to help people in the Intensive Care Unit with Spinal Cord Injuries communicate. It works with Google Chrome or on iphones.

  11. Xinput won't work on consoles but I created a workaround by controlling the XAC wirelessley.

  12. This is a project I created with a friend using AI, FaceMesh, and a True depth Camera.

  13. This is a project I made with a friend using AI, Facemesh, and a true Depth Camera.

  14. I made a foot controlled prosthetic a while ago but there are 1000 more ways to do it

  15. Technically a gyro switch rather than a mouse. You can do the same with some autohotkey and any head controlled mouse - but I nitpick!. It’s nice! You might like this Jeff

  16. Thanks, I know Graham and his work is phenomenal!

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