1. Oh boy reallllllllly missing Stanely

  2. I'm sure you guys will blame Roman somehow for proche being a FUCKING IDIOT

  3. We can't blame Roman for drawing up a double fake, which clearly wasn't practiced and not a single defender bit on. That had WR6 throw to RB2? We can't blame him for that?

  4. O-Train line 2 runs through the Carleton campus but it's closed for upgrades for at least another year. Otrain line 1 runs East-West through the downtown core. You can take either the 2/7/10 to get to it from Carleton

  5. That ball is uncatchable sir

  6. The guy was grabbing his facemask lmao, still not okay but I get it

  7. This is some absolute bullshit. For the amount we pay monthly for this there absolutely shouldn't be Ads preventing us from watching games...

  8. Almost as based as a chair with breasts (if you know, you know)

  9. Running on first down in the middle? 🤯


  11. Command center needs to lay off the booze

  12. Male, Size 14, 6'2" / 188cm

  13. 14 for learners, 16 for Driving by yourself, 17 for full license in Canada

  14. Maybe in some places in Canada? Ontario is 16 for learners permit, then 8 months with permit to get full license with restrictions, then another year with your restricted license to get a full one

  15. It is changing! We have a women's football team now in Ottawa, and the girls tackle football program is growing like crazy at a couple highschools.

  16. Jeanne D'Arc and Orleans Blvd weave and criss-cross through the burbs, often times it's faster to take smaller side streets. Trim and Tenth Line are the only real two north/south connectors with Trim being out of the picture for 90% of Orleans north

  17. I was talking to one of the on field officials last night, they were told it's due to supply chain shortages.

  18. Do you just spout every tabloid article you find? Tesla's are statistically less likely to catch fire than ICE (

  19. Wtf I also found a porno in one of these as a kid... It's a common phonomenom?

  20. I think like a lot things it's good in moderation. Young workers bring new skills to the table and can help bring major change to an industry, but at the same time no amount of money can buy experience and if you're not careful you can lose your identity.

  21. I wanted Jermaine, but I could see this working out. TRUST THE PROCESS

  22. Bruh this is NOT falling well for us 😅

  23. Beautiful view of the chutes

  24. As a Canadian, that's the worst fucking Poutine I've ever seen. Not sure how he managed to find literal soup

  25. I’m only 40 seconds in, but I would massively advocate removing Elon’s speech and just having the clips with the music overlaid. I feel like it’ll be something really special and captivating that way :)

  26. Hard disagree. Elon may not be the perfect public speaker, but the genuine way he delivers it is inspiring and adds to the gravitas of the doc

  27. Here's a medium length with some layers that I think would look great.

  28. Appreciate the response man! My buddies actually suggested a similar thing. I'm thinking of going for it

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