1. 23mm is the widest. When the X-Pro3 is set to 22mm or wider, it will show arrows in the corners instead of a framelines.

  2. Hard to recommend the X-Pro1 for use with primarily manual focus lenses. Getting critical focus requires the EVF, which means not using the OVF. But the OVF is the main appeal of using an X-Pro over other models.

  3. For me it’s also the looks that are somewhat important, despite it not have ANY affect of the images.

  4. Any camera that you want to use (and be seen with) is a good camera.

  5. A second film magazine, if you don't already have one. No better way to take advantage of having a system camera than being able to swap between black&white and colour or between different ISOs mid-roll.

  6. Thanks for the reply! How do I go about setting custom white balances?

  7. SHOOTING MENU → WHITE BALANCE, then click/select/right on Dpad to get to White Balance shift.

  8. Check the MOVIE SILENT CONTROL settings, which disables the dials when in movie mode.

  9. X RAW Studio can store copies of recipes on your computer and can import/export them from/to the camera.

  10. Hey sorry to hijack an old thread, just wanted to ask if you know about f/1.4 33m performance on video? Mostly considering autofocus

  11. I don't have this lens but it's meant to be good, and was designed with video in mind.

  12. USB-C-to-Lightning cables don't work for transferring photos. It requires a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

  13. Having an incident light meter significantly cuts down on the number of readings you need to make. When shooting on the street take on reading in direct sunlight and a second reading in the shade, then just move between those two exposures depending on the balance of elements in the scene. If it is partly cloudy than at most you'll need a third reading.

  14. I use a Godox X1 wireless trigger with my M4. It has a PC sync input port. Then pair it with whatever Godox flash fits your size/power requirements.

  15. Sounds odd. Is this with the OVF or the EVF? What focus modes are you using? What are you trying to focus on?

  16. As a new Fuji user I know exactly what you mean. It’s funny because if you look at Sony subs there’s lots of professional/commercial shots, Fuji sub looks like an art exhibition, and Leica subs are.. pics of their cameras 😂

  17. Being able to store WB shift in Custom Settings is one of my favourite features in the X-Pro3. I like the fold-down screen and submonitor, too, but I could live without them.

  18. My one regret is that the X-T4's flippable screen doesn't have that cool film sim readout.

  19. I thought it was just a cutesy, nostalgic design touch at first, but it's actually really useful:

  20. Unless it is a trusted acquaintance selling it to you for a bargain, I'd be wary of a $600 "new" X-T30 II. Sounds too good to be true.

  21. They release a new X100 model every ≈3 years so we are due a new one in 2023. But given that the X100 has been the last camera to get updated in the last few sensor cycles and that Fuji have just announced they've stopped taking orders for the X100V because they can't meet demand, it might be a longer than normal wait for the next one.

  22. 40MP, IBIS, subject-detect autofocus, pixel shift, and 6.2K recording are not really notable improvements for the type of shooting and appeal of the X-Pro series, so the X-Pro3 is still worth getting.

  23. A body that was just as deep as the very top of the top plate would be great.

  24. If it has zero issues, there is no reason to send it in for service.

  25. I have Custom Setting slot 1 set up with everything on default. That's the way to have quick access to it.

  26. $150 over the list price for a used camera doesn't seem like a very good deal (assuming this is USD). You could get a new one for less if you are prepared to wait a bit.

  27. You can always put in an order at a store like Wex and they'll ship it as soon as they have stock.

  28. How long did it take to ship from when you put in your order?

  29. Base sims are great. Most photos don't need as heavy adjustment as a lot of the recipe guides have.

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