1. Start with a small amount of garden variety cubes like 1g. If you have something strong like penis envy or one of its variants, then .5g. Read about lemon tek. Create a playlist of your favorite mellow music and make sure you are in a good place psychologically and make sure that you are in a place where you feel perfectly safe and won’t need to engage with sober people. Plan on 6-7 hours of being in an altered state. Also, do your best to be fasted for at least 6 hours (ideally 12) before taking the mushrooms. Have someone there with you that is either experienced with shrooms or sober that can talk you down in the event that things get too intense. But at 1g, it should just be delightful. Avoid sugary foods that day as sugar is said to nerf the effect of psilocybin. Similarly, if it does get too crazy, drink a Sprite.

  2. I appreciate the advice, I have a close friend that a trust dearly who has tripped multiple times before to guide me on the trip I've made sure m apartment is clean and safe for me , one concern I do have is my cat,.she isn't aggressive or mean but is it good or bad to have your pets around during your trip, I have a series of mellow music and videos to watch during said trip as well

  3. Your cat will make an excellent companion. Somehow pets just kinda know to be chill. Also, avoid mirrors. For some people seeing themselves in a mirror can be unpleasant.

  4. Sounds good thanks again for the tips and advice, I'm definitely looking forward to my first experience and feel better about it now that I'm more informed

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