1. I already have long term damage to my hands that came from the quest 2. At this point it doesn’t even matter

  2. You look like you’re addicted to Budweiser and Marlboro cigarettes. And a lot of men with really big beards that have a pot belly.

  3. He’s reached his full power. The true, Ultra Instinct

  4. Better than me and I’ve been flipping for 2 years

  5. Don’t crucify me for this but octane

  6. I hate you. I hate you with a burning passion

  7. I played a lot with my dad before I ever actually started playing it for myself. So I was already above that low tier I was at when I started.

  8. Oreo. Because I’m black and white (biracial) or half breed

  9. Haha, I'm surprised no one has responded to you yet, let me know once you've got it, I'm looking for one as well

  10. Christians flirting with eachother be like:

  11. Are you a school? Because I wanna shoot some kids inside of you

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