1. My wife and I moved here from Texas a few years ago and I’ll echo everyone else’s comments about the mindset, politics, beauty, etc. That being said, from my experience, it can be very isolating for a non Minnesotan. In Texas, if you didn’t know your bosses kids and weren’t invited to their birthday party, something was wrong. Here, your lucky if your neighbors exchange small talk. It’s not personal or mean spirited, it’s just not particularly inclusive. I’ve started playing hockey, go the boundary waters every year, and hike and camp all the time and despite that the only friends I’ve really been able to make are other transplants. I asked a neighbor where I should go to meet friends and their response was “kindergarten”. Also, slight disagreement on the food comments of others. The food here is generally bland in my opinion. Even if it is a restaurant that specializes in a cuisine like Indian, it will be watered down to Midwest acceptability. Long story short, if there is a dish you love that’s culturally important to you, learn to cook it before you come here.

  2. I was going to post this exact thing. Great vid.

  3. Vinyl is all I’ve ever used but I’ve found that while they stick to the lw pla great, once you paint it, they tend to peel off.

  4. We’ve all been there!

  5. I use the Spektrum AR630. I’ve only been flying for a year and the option to switch it on if I need to has saved me from rebuilding more than one. Also really helpful to have the AS3X for wind.

  6. I made a large Alibaba order a while ago for rods, hardware, and carbon fiber. Takes a while to get here but since all of the models use most of the same parts, you only have to make the order once a year or so.

  7. The hook of this song sounds so much like another one that I can’t remember and it’s making my brain itch.

  8. Yes I have! I like them much better. Lighter and more forgiving than the rods.

  9. Any updates? Is this resolved? If so , what did you do to fix the issue?

  10. Honestly, I bought a new transmitter and receiver. I had some no name electronics from Ali Baba that had no instructions and I ended up getting some spektrum products.

  11. This looks really cool. Nice job!

  12. If anyone is looking to build this... do yourself a favor and do not use LWPLA. It is a nightmare getting the CF tubes in the channels. Printed it in PLA+ and everything slides together like butter. I don't think they allowed for expansion on the plans. The channels were almost sealed shut. I had to buy a 12" 6mm drill bit to open them up.

  13. So I’ve yet to build one of the models with the big tubes but I almost always sand everything as much as possible and drill out holes where I can because they’re rarely good circles. Also, I swear by Polymaker’s LW pla. It’s “pre foamed” so you can print at regular pla settings and it has really solved a lot of stringing/clogging/swelling that causes a lot of these problems. Not all of course but I saw a noticeable difference vs colorfab’s product.

  14. F. It took me to version 5 before I got a decent flight without a crash. Are you using a flight stabilizer?

  15. Sorry. Yes I am now. I’m using a spektrum AR 630 receiver now. I have a couple of profiles set up as I’ve been learning but if nothing else the as3x is very nice and safe mode has stopped me from doing this a couple of times.

  16. Flew beautifully… for ten seconds. Wings snapped right at the main attachment. Reinforcing with longer/thicker shims in version two.

  17. Thank you! Super helpful. Does a build really matter at the low levels other than pumping up your health bar? I understand you can respec later on in the game so my plan was just to keep my non vigor stuff high enough to use certain things and other than that respec later.

  18. There will be an official world cup resale site. So wait until then.

  19. This might sound bad, but I don’t really have a preference. I really just want to see good rugby. I’ve been to several US test matches against like the third side of whatever country we were playing so I haven’t been in a World Cup environment seeing top sides play. I was thinking probably earlier in the tournament and the England/Argentina match looks pretty good. But again, I’m not super picky.

  20. This may be an unpopular opinion, but questions like these highlight why I can not vote on my faith alone. Here in the US there is no party that espouses the whole of my faith so I can not make decisions based on one issue or another. I can only try to do what I feel would produce the greatest good and the pray that it comes to fruition.

  21. Those landings tho…. Very nice

  22. Glad you have good experience with it, we will release Bright Orange, Bright Yellow and Bright Green in 3 weeks on our LW-PLA line :)

  23. If you guys want to send me a spool I’d be happy to print out a plane and post it. 😜

  24. I wonder how this compares. I tried a similar material once that said it was LW PLA, doesn't expand when printed however, and the weight saved really didn't feel like much vs the regular PLA.

  25. So this is one of my bigger fuselage parts and the colorfab is only about 7 grams lighter. That being said, that extra 7 grams with polymaker gives you a little more rigidity which I really appreciate in my plane prints. I have never had a wing snap or a landing gear fitting collapse with polymaker, unless of course I was doing something stupid haha.

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