1. They mentioned it more specifically. When Arthur Claypool was talking to Harold, he says "The government wanted a system, Harold. They weren't just going to give up. They let Congress shut us down, all except for that piece of crap Prism, but that was just to throw anyone off the scent."

  2. I’m the screenshot it says: Active, Decoy very cool detail.

  3. I don’t know what’s more hilarious: the brass knuckles being woven into the clothing, the ticket stuck up her ass, or the scroll that says “the law” on it which I can only assume holds crayon drawings of police officers beating up bad guys

  4. We’re just not going to talk about the name Justice Belt 300 Mini?

  5. I like them, but only when the way to obtain them is clear. It sucks when the guidelines are vague (i.e. "Give them out when someone does really good roleplaying!" What does that mean???), because the GM will consistently forget for a while, then all of a sudden remember and start tossing them out for arbitrary reasons because they feel like they need to catch up, then forget about them for a while again. It doesn't really feel like a reward when the GM is just trying to meet a quota cause they forgot.

  6. Going a whole session without looking at your phone should get you 2 in the next.

  7. You might be interested in the ideals of Ennix Debian’s Reborn Empire movement. Imperial hardliners with old Clone Wars era tech. Possibly the most overlooked warlord state.

  8. Got a reference for this? Sounds interesting.

  9. You can go get circuit bent.

  10. Yall motherfuckers need to make up your minds otherwise I'm gonna start calling em gooms

  11. I’m good with it. Carry on.

  12. “Moog” obviously, do try to keep up. Most pedantic shit over and over again.

  13. Half of my album is like that. Give these two a listen.

  14. Stahp playin with you’re mashd potateos.

  15. i'm trying to teach these numbskulls a basic tonal vocabulary, but i'm worried it's not analog enough

  16. You are nailing all the anal, logs or otherwise.

  17. NGL, I might use that vertically mounted mixer idea for my secondary mixer for gear I use sparingly. I hadn’t thought of saving space by doing that.

  18. I just checked, and I've sent 5 SMS in the past 3 years. What on earth do people use them for?

  19. It’s nonsense crying by people with some other agenda.

  20. They are the epitome of a platform that exists based on 0 real competition.

  21. Now that you mention it, it DOES look a lot like Craigslist style design….

  22. I get what you’re saying.. but .. I would prefer that Joseph Trapanese and Justice collaborate. I’ve said this elsewhere- it would take the music to a tougher level. It could carry the vibe, but move it into a final stage of the evolution.

  23. Absolutely this. And sometimes it works out in game too, as if it's an NPC that would say that. If they ask a shopkeeper how much something costs, it's entirely reasonable for that shopkeeper to say "give me a second" as they go through their ledger.

  24. It’s “give me a second,” followed by… “if two PC’s want to explore a part of their relationship in please do” and then I’ll listen in a bit while I search. Sometimes they will add something to the scene or narrative that I can also use.

  25. Cool fantasy city port, wonder what kind of adventures you could find there.

  26. I don’t know yet, but I’m saving this so I can design a one-shot to run for my gaming group. I wonder if the Dishonored 2d20 system would be the thing, or customized Fantasy*AGE (like Ashes of Valkania)? Maybe Genesys.

  27. This says more about the “journalist” than it does about the film.

  28. Whenever considering unique homebrew it’s always good to do so with the caveat: if this winds up *not working or breaking the game in an unexpected way, I reserve the right to revisit and rethink the feat.

  29. Your edit should be point number 1.

  30. That little Hercules Starlight is a fun portable mixing setup. I have one and I can use it to test mixes on an airplane, or do a short set in hotel rooms with it. Works a treat.

  31. I think this is a shitpost, the mods are clearly sleeping.

  32. Too late bitches. I just bought it. Sweet vintage analogue synth for only $500 smackers. You should have pulled the trigger, but you don't understand the economy.

  33. Hitting all the right notes. I loved it.

  34. designer wood and recycled aluminum

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