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  1. I got my battle pass this season with credits leftover form OW1. No money out of my pocket! I figured this was the case for a lot of people for the second season.

  2. You can't buy the battle pass with OW1 credits

  3. When you go to buy the pass in game it lets you pick credits or purchase

  4. Also check the instructions. There is a way to calibrate your temps if they seem to not be accurate. This looks hot to me. I use the same 6-7 and do long slow draws. My avb doesn’t look like this. But I also use screens and capsules.

  5. I grind in a coffee grinder and pack them into capsules. Works like a charm. Super clean and I use for micro dosing.

  6. Do u find it difficult/tedious/messy filling up the capsules? - any tips or is it pretty easy?

  7. I made a little 3D printed capsule holder that I use to hold the capsule and scoop up the AVB. I can sent you an STL file if you have a 3D printer.

  8. You’ll absorb it better if you eat a spoon of peanut butter with it. Or any fat for that matter.

  9. If he had tried to answer the question with an actual animal he would've been a weirdo and it would've been so much worse. Going for offensive, but obviously joking while still spinning it to be kind of an answer, he comes out on top in my opinion

  10. Imagine how bad things were for them, that this idea was actually worth it.

  11. Grind it in a coffee grinder and put into swallowable capsules. Tasteless.

  12. The concession speech and accompanying congratulatory phone call to your opponent are not formal requirements that must be met for the certification of election results to move forward. They are merely a polite tradition that is expected of functioning adults to observe once the tabulations are complete- a tradition which right wing conservatives have abandoned in the Trump era. Anytime they lose, it just automatically means the election was rigged or somehow stolen, despite a complete lack of tangible evidence. Whether or not Lake concedes is not relevant to the process- it is not an indictment of the election itself, mere an indictment of her own lack of maturity. It's a non-issue.

  13. If she never concedes she can always say it was stolen.

  14. I came here to figure out what Dr. Phill had to do with the Ukraine.

  15. I’m a very happy rogue user here. Really no complaints. I’m a heavy user, multiple sessions a day. I use capsules so the rogue stays very clean.

  16. Absolutely love the rogue. Had mine for almost 2 years. Capsules are awesome. Flavor is solid. Used the 3D stem and it’s super cool temps. It’s a session vape that needs 5-6 second draws.

  17. Same as other comments, I tried to think of Gi words.

  18. I’ve been using the Healthy Rips Rogue with capsules for almost 2 years. Zero maintenance required.

  19. Collecting -> Pulverizing it in an electric coffee grinder -> Filling up gel capsules with the AVB powder and a few drops of coconut oil -> You're off to the races.

  20. THC is fat soluble. So adding the oil should help absorption. You could always take them with something like peanut butter or avocado to help as well. It’s not required but would help. Nice idea!

  21. I do the same but never tried adding coconut oil. I’ll have to give it a go.

  22. Thank you it really is! I got it in quite a big bundle from a real cool previous owner so it’s hard to value it. There’s 2 options: get on lamart’s waiting list on his website(could be years) or find one on the exchanges/marketplaces.

  23. I was just wondering about this. Where do fellow vaporents exchange or sell their used gear?

  24. Don’t pack it too tight. You need airflow. Lightly scoop it in and see if that helps.

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