1. This is not promising for my fat ass

  2. Airbnb is part of the reason we're in this whole housing crisis but for that short period Long term Airbnb might be your best shot.

  3. I’ll have a look, from what I’ve seen the prices are atrocious on Airbnb. Any idea where the best/cheapest areas would be to stay in Aus?

  4. Ideally I was looking to stay in one place to hold down a job but that could work.

  5. Usually, this should not be a global setting, if so it's just weird.

  6. It doesn’t seem to be a featured image on any page, weirder is that I can’t even find the picture contained within my sites media.

  7. Sometimes you just need to check tve instructions of your theme...

  8. There aren’t any instructions I can find unfortunately.

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