1. It’s always been like that. America has some of the most liberal (legal) immigration rules in the world, it’s why I bust up laughing everytime some

  2. Antiwork mfs when they realize that leaving America doesn’t solve all their problems and they still need to work

  3. When I was not a Muslim some guy told me he met a "Muslim" at a party and asked him why he is drinking alcohol. Apparently he seriously said "because God can't see through the walls of the building" Astagfirullah. Back when I heard this I was not a Muslim and even then I made takfir of that person (declared he's a disbeliever).


  5. Ah but Americans are racist when they point out the downfalls of specific cultures, too! So everyone is racist!

  6. Historymemes was just filled with the types of memes for a good hour or so. God that sub sucks balls

  7. Mf really saying he goes against tyrants and slavery while also saying democracy bad. What?

  8. If you guys dont want to be laughed at maybe dont support random people being able to walk into kmart and buy an ak lmao.

  9. Damn bro that’s crazy but can we get back to making actual historical memes instead of this pile of shit

  10. Yeah guys, racism was literally invented by Washington, Rockefeller and Trump.

  11. The French Revolution and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the human race

  12. Antinatalism means believing giving birth is immoral and wrong

  13. I remember my grandfather telling me a sort of repugnant parable of the first continental congress. The founding fathers Initially kept their composure, however, things quickly went awry. Patrick Henry, being the first to strip nude, started swinging from the chandelier while burning his hands on the candles. Samuel Adams hastily following suit, chugging a bottle of rum before jumping from his desk. They had all formed a ritualistic circle, of which excreted every kind of liquid from the human body, before dueling eachother with flint clubs and mutilating one another; All the while, accomplishing no real progress, and thus, the bureaucrat was born.

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