Started my sleeve today with Amygdala!

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  1. The oversexualization of inconspicuous things is weird as hell.

  2. Hi! I didn't uncensor your spoiler blocks 'cause I'm trying to get the Shura skin without getting spoiled as much as possible. I just finished my first playthrough and like you, I have both the Divine Heir and Severance gauntlet.

  3. You have to side with Owl and face DoH on separate playthroughs. Typically you would’ve done it on either of your first two, so you’ll have to do it on the next go around. Alternatively, you can do Dragon’s Homecoming ending now, and do Shura next. Be aware, you should’ve have beaten Owl (Father - located in Hirata) already - not to be confused with Owl on the rooftop arena where you fight Genichiro.

  4. Thanks very much for the reply, my dude. I was kinda bummed at first that I had to play two more different playthroughs to get the Shura skin but it turned out for the better!

  5. I wonder what the best weapon is for DPS that can stance break out of sleep like that. Maybe a Curved Greatsword?

  6. The hammer he’s using is great for that. I would say Hammer, Ringed Finger, or Club will be best for stance break, in that order (probably).

  7. I never get the people saying to respec. Its really dumb since you can beat the game with like literally any build unless its purposely bad like 99 endurance

  8. Considering you can beat the game at level 1, and it’s not as bad as it sounds, you can beat the game with literally any build.

  9. I’m new to the series, though playing games since 1990. I‘ve watched games simplify over the years to gain a bigger audience. I was really bad when I started MHR. I have a shitty memory and it threw a lot of info at me. But I’m maybe halfway through the story part and I’m picking it up. I’m enjoying the complexity. The gameplay is engaging, and a cut above most games. I’m learning the rhythm of the monsters, and getting better about my timing and placement (And occasionally still eating shit because I choose to hit instead of move.)

  10. I really, really like this response. I appreciate your opinion

  11. To me its swing and hit or commit and get hit. Risk reward yadda yadda and all that

  12. Can you give me some tips? My imaginary girlfriend left me.

  13. That’s a good thing. Congratulations, you’ve been promoted from delusional to hopelessly single. Keep up the good work

  14. Same thing happened with Narga, essentially it loses its cleverness because it's angry.

  15. Doing an MHFU 100% run, after nearly 15 years. Besides Narga and Rajang, what other monsters have this mechanic?

  16. What if we kissed by the Grand Lift of Dicktus? 😳👉👈✨

  17. What a biiiitch. I also use that sword. I've read it's the best colossal sword for damage.

  18. Ghiza’s wheel and jar cannon for sure. Vulgar militia saw as well.

  19. Can Neuman even pop a super’s head off?

  20. Why they didn’t just kill off Maeve like they should have, I will never understand.

  21. I would really only say one is doing terrible and that is MM. I don't think anyone else is doing terribly. I just think Starr is outperforming everyone by leaps and bounds because only his character shows such a range of emotions.

  22. Same for low tbh. Requires high awareness and positional skills

  23. Seeing MM and Annie together was fantastic. Some of the funniest chemistry we’ve seen so far. They were so entertaining, and they nailed their roles

  24. I’m straight upset about A-Train. I don’t care about his hypocrisy or short-sightedness, I’ve grown to love him. Then he genuinely apologizes to Hughie one’s he’s understood his plight. I love A-Train and I will be hurt if he dies. I don’t care.

  25. You just summed this up so well, just seeing all the boys team up like that , two of the actual boys and the OG legendary superhero teaming up to take the alpha out .. god so perfect , most impactful tv I’ve seen

  26. I’ll take a break, it’s the first time I do that in a soulsborne PvP but I think I need to just enjoy other games and wait for changes, at this point I’m just disappointed as hell

  27. You’ve never taken a single break from souls PvP? So you’ve been playing souls nonstop since you first played?

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