1. I don’t think I’ve seen enough of Khamzat to answer this yet but maybe khabib

  2. think whittaker, Cannonier, Vettori, Brunson and costa (with secret juice) can get it done tbh

  3. Well this is why I like Alex, lot of new questions raised

  4. I wish ESPN would block him on Instagram, I'm so sick of seeing his opinion 🥴😂

  5. Yea he’s not even relevant at all, hasn’t competed in donkeys either

  6. Pretty sure he has competed recently ? Didn't he just lose by submission (RNC) to a bouncer ?

  7. Let's see what internet nerds say about the mental state of a championship cage fighter before he defends his belt. Definitely a lot of crossover there.

  8. You’re a couch vegetable acting like a psychologist shut your goofy ass up you don’t know anything

  9. Me (white belt), another white belt (right before blue, 2x purple belt,1 brown belt and the professor showed up in class one day. I got handled by all of them. The brown belt messed us all up and told the professor some technique he showed today doesn't actually work in a real scenario.

  10. passing guard is fun af but if i'm serious mode id do pull guard

  11. I've been hitting the triangle when they defend the Kimura from side control.

  12. Like many people, I found bjj at a pretty low point in life. That tournament helped me dig myself out of a pretty big hole…

  13. A 4th degree black belt told me I'm a great training partner.

  14. Because it was a very specific conversation i was having, it wasn’t about people being desperate etc, it was about thugs robbing people

  15. That my opinion of myself is really the only one that matters, and that I should surround myself with people who support that! Now of course that doesn’t mean I can’t be wrong or that my friends can’t express their concerns, but at the end of the day what I think of myself and what makes me proud of myself is all that matters!

  16. It was a scary story. I was young, probably about 5, my mother went with me on a trip to Bulgaria. Someone took her wallet with the card and all the money out of her backpack and we didn't know how to get back to the hotel :(

  17. If you want to be a mixed martial artist or know both sides (stand up and ground ) then yeah I would, I currently do both and am loving it, feel safe wherever the fight goes now compared to when I just done thai I’d hate going to ground, they work well together as you can piece people up then clinch knee, take them to ground etc, jsut be a complete fighter

  18. Politicians can only serve 4 years total with an age limit of 55. We are letting greedy dinosaurs make decisions for us

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