A Chimp was born a couple days ago at the Sedgwick County Zoo. He had trouble getting oxygen so had to be kept at the vet. This video shows mom reuniting with him after almost 2 days apart.

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  1. I never understood why minimum wages couldn't just be left up to the states, or even municipalities. The minimum wage to live in a rural state wouldn't come close to covering basic needs in a large city. And the mimimum wage to live in that city would create ridiculous labor costs in rural areas.

  2. A lot of states/rural areas don't act in good faith and would set it to 0. The best thing to do is to simply pass a law stating that the minimum wage is X% of median wage in a given city or county. The best number for X is probably around 60-66%.

  3. The portion of the comment that you're replying to specifies that controversy is due to 'an increasing proportion of its members,' not EA per se or even a majority of its members. Are you saying that this wing of proponents within EA doesn't exist? If not, and recognizing that the question at hand is with respect to controversy around EA, isn't it appropriate to describe the portion of the EA community which is responsible for the controversy?

  4. OpenPhil has spent a few hundred million grant dollars on research devoted to mediating future AI risks. That’s a lot of loose screws.

  5. No, the US is not immune to economic stagnation by intervening against wealth creators.

  6. I didn't say the USA was immune, only that USA's economic power allows it more room to tax businesses compared to the Nordic countries. If the USA did something absurd like a 70% corporate tax, that would obviously drive businesses away, but we still remained very competitive and a top destination for corporations before 2017, when the corporate tax in the USA was much higher. Why? Because the USA is an economic powerhouse on a level the Nordic countries simply are not.

  7. Prior to 2017, it was very easy to shift profits into lower destinations though because it was only taxed on repatriation

  8. Is there evidence that most companies in the USA did this? I thought that was something only a small portion of companies did.

  9. No, but I don't post bad articles because I like the conclusion either nor do I post from obviously biased sources.

  10. Hmmm you might want to count the country’s yearly debt to get a more complete picture.

  11. The national debt doesn't have anything to do with living standards

  12. You wanna bet? Just because a few 1st world countries borrow like there’s no tomorrow to support a fake standard of living doesn’t mean that a day of reckoning isn’t approaching. All it takes is a (perceived) safer alternative and you’ll see your standard of living titanic-ing like mofo.

  13. Yeah national debt has nothing to do with living standards unless you're like Greece and go bankrupt or default on your debt.

  14. I used to teach in Qatar. There was a kid in my class who wasn't very smart, but his maths homework was always perfect. I asked his father about it one day and he said it's that the kids mother has a Master's in Mathematics. So I asked if that's what she worked as he burst out laughing and reassured me in between bouts of giggles that his wife stayed at home and wasn't allowed to get a job or anything like that.

  15. If it's immoral to hire very poor people at low wages, what does that mean about the morality of not hiring any very poor people at any wages? After all, paying someone zero is a very low wage.

  16. Ngl I think you should take a look at the link I sent initially. You seem to be missing the point. The quote in question is one view of equality (from 1852!), but definitely not the most well defended. Wertheimer's book again goes over this. He can probably explain and answer your questions much better than I can.

  17. I think it’s close enough. Much of the vegan community overlooks the fact that many vegetables use manure that originates with animals, but the product produced is not animal-based. So I think lab-grown meat is a good comparison

  18. I think we're getting caught up in minutiae and not looking at this widely. I forget the exact ratio, but the cultures from ONE cow can be used to create enough meat for the equivalent of thousands of livestock.

  19. I don't disagree. I don't think lab grown meat is bad. I'd eat it.

  20. R5: The largest party in my Soviet Union is All-Russian Fascist Party, led by newly empowered feminist/ethno-nationalist Maria von Mohrenheim(Home of the black people), who is the leader of the Trade Unions, collaborating with the Petite Bourgeoisie

  21. R5: Finally managed to get a Byzantium campaign off the ground. Was under Austrian protectorate until ~1890, at which time I broke free and took additional Balkan territory from them. Raced to vassalize most of North Africa, and then focused on the Horn of Africa along with Arabia. Also have colonies along with vassals in SE Asia and Australia. Definitely didn't focus on my economy as much as I should had lol, but this is also one of my first Vic3 campaigns.

  22. Lol what happened to Britain? Having a lower GDP than Scandinavia? They must have fallen far.

  23. Could go either way but i’m more inclined to believe cap would win

  24. This is off topic but I want Firecracker to suffocate me with her thighs

  25. This is misinformation. There were no bailouts in the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill Biden passed.

  26. Viserys loved his family? Ha! Funniest joke I’ve heard all day. He was obsessed with Aemma after her death due to his guilt and used Rhaenrya as a way to “preserve” her and don’t get me started on how bad a father he was to his other four children. He ignored them and completely pushed them aside. He didn’t love his family, please stop spreading this lie.

  27. To be fair, he had dementia and was half-zombified for most of his kids' lives. He's be more involved if he were more lively.

  28. Or pick somehthing of comparable size, such as the Empire State Building, or better yet the Burj Kahlifa

  29. Burj Khalifa is under half the height of Sauron's tower at 2717 ft.

  30. Imagine paying more than 600/month to have a home 💀. This comment was made by economically stable countries gang 🤙🤙🤙

  31. Where do you live that you only pay $600 in rent? I want to move there.

  32. $600 is high in many countries. In Thailand or Vietnam I get luxury condos with gyms and pools for around that price or less.

  33. He said "economically stable", which rules out Thailand or Vietnam. I can't get good jobs there like I can in the USA, so I'm not moving there unless its to retire.

  34. I swear didn’t I see a study posted here that claimed the opposite? Interesting nonetheless- COVID policy will be studied for years.

  35. Hela stomps as long as Asgard exists. She will eternally get more powerful and eventually out stat everyone.

  36. Note how low the number is in Denmark, where they have an LVT.

  37. I don't think that's because of LVT. Denmark's LVT is so low that I don't think the benefits can be realized (under 3% on avg).

  38. Adolin has beaten better odds in his full disadvantage duel than Jaime has ever faced in a fair fight. He is also Alethi, as were his opponents in that fight. He's probably around 6'5, giving him a reach advantage over Jaime.

  39. In Jaime's favor though, you could argue that, if the fight takes place on Earth, Adolin would be at a disadvantage. According to a WoB, people on Adolin's world are taller partly because the gravity there is 30% weaker than Earth gravity, so Adolin would be at a disadvantage fighting in a higher gravity than he's used to. It would be like a normal swordsman fighting with weights uniformly attached to his body.

  40. Everyday my ideology gets further solidified by empirical and theoretical research. I love it and I deserve it.

  41. Of course. Im pretty nuanced when the research is nuanced

  42. Okay. Just saying because aside from obvious trade/housing issues, you really only post pro-free-banking, private schools, and general anti-tax stuff from think tanks well known for a moderate right bias (and sometimes a questionable record) or individual studies that happen to support your viewpoints without much of a foray into the other side of the literature (Not that I'm against any of those things, the idea that competition is can be utilized to improve schooling is intuitive). They're both pretty huge indicators of confirmation bias at play.

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