1. Hey, I remember this game! Me and a friend of mine used to play the demo all the time a few years ago lol. I'm glad to see it's still in the works! Best of luck :D

  2. Ok that hopper sequence was so goddamn satisfying

  3. That's by far my favourite part of the whole run haha, glad you enjoyed it!

  4. The final time is 01:59.89, which puts me at 6th place! (About 4 seconds behind WR)

  5. So, the coords of the interpolated point (the diamond block in this case) are found by (1 - t) * v1 + t * v2, where v1, v2 are the two points (the coal blocks) and t is a parameter [0, 1] that determines where between the points the interpolated point lies — t=0 is at v1, t=0.5 is halfway between the points, t=1 is at v2, etc. All the relevant values are stored in a scoreboard, but since scoreboards may only store integers the points are multiplied by 50 and t by 100, for greater accuracy. The final results of the formula are then divided by 5000 to compensate. That's basically it

  6. In short: I get the player's coords and rotation and store them in a scoreboard, do some maths with the x position and rotation, and then apply those new values to an armour stand.

  7. Made with command blocs or mods ? Nice work btw !

  8. Passing objects by value hmmmmm

  9. CHARM BUILD: Wayward Compass, Glowing Womb, Grimmchild, Weaversong, Heavy Blow, Defender's Crest, and Dreamshield. Undoubtedly Hollow Knight's most optimal charm build, especially against the Radiance. I'd really appreciate if you'd

  10. By console you mean like xbox or actual cmd?

  11. There is nothing "normal"about that kind of graphics in a console application. Explain yourself!

  12. That's a good question. I don't know. I simply forgot to overcharm lol

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