1. Not really a condition, or maybe? 🤔 But in Thailand, if you're below a certain height you will not be drafted.

  2. Good idea, but this might cause people to purposely defer so that they would do less by going to the next intake

  3. Yes, most likely will be a follow up appointment to see how u are after enlistment and what further actions they would need to take

  4. I probably won't be enlisted this year how can the appt on mid 2023 be a follow up after I enlisted

  5. I just checked to see if I have anything rare and I also have that border and few others from 2018

  6. Damn, rip to many people's pocket. All the $$ gonna flow to the pockets of Kabam

  7. Minimum 3 months Why? Cos need to wait 1 to 2 months for PES 1 to 2 months for enlistment date after getting pes

  8. im also thinking of volunteering with minimal interactions, am currently looking at ACRES animal shelter.

  9. bro legit dont even worry, i got told i had a checkup and ended up waiting for a month and a half for it. kinda slow with it no need to worry🤷‍♂️

  10. Me too! But only got 900 cash. Has everyone spent theirs yet?

  11. Hope I get it, still on the waiting on results message.

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