1. Like someone said, stand free version help protects and the menu it self is cheap.

  2. Kiddions protections aren’t good, mostly just stop those colored text messages but nothing else. Kicks and crashes still happens

  3. You my friend need the "train loop crash"

  4. Yea, seems like my theory was correct. They were probably messing with you in dms.

  5. I just blocked them, I didn’t get the money to crash randoms, just for protections

  6. Just go onto the subreddit and create a post, there you can upload a vid

  7. Try using name and rid spoofer, I have no clue if it works as I’m new to the menu but if it did, that would be the way

  8. Just set everything you don’t want to “enabled” so it can’t happen to you. I also have it write to the log so I can see who does it, and remove them to stop them from doing it to everyone else. For the crash and kick options I like to turn on karma so it removes them most of the time. For some of the karma and even kick/crash options you need to be host so it’s recommended to set your host token to I believe sweet spot or aggressive then remove the host in the players options (you can see who it is by the (H) next to their name.

  9. Yeah man this does help a lot. Thanks for the advice

  10. If you’re not already, you can also join the Stand discord to get updates on the change log, announcements and more support too

  11. I’m scared to join their discord as I’ve heard some admins have their heads so far up their ass that they ban or expire your stand account ID for talking back to them. However, I think it’s still the best place to get help with the menu and how to set stuff up properly.

  12. If you had steam guard with 2 factor auth then no way he got access to your account without the passcode sent onto your steam auth.

  13. Question what car do you have car do you have? Year of the car, make, and model. If it's a car with a timing chain, it has a serpentine belt which is very easy to replace. Just a few tools from Harbor freight unless you have them already. I'll see if I can find a YouTube video to help you. Just note you might need to replace belt and idler pulleys....

  14. I’ve tried searching but just looking at the car it seems like you would have to remove the wheel and the protective plastic thingy to get full access to the belt. My car is a 1998 Honda Accord Lx.

  15. What's wrong with getting new belts. That's the only correct option to solve this. Clean the pulleys with brake cleaner to remove wd40 etc, check for roughness in pulley bearings while the belts ate off, then fit new belts and tension correctly (if manual tensioner).

  16. I would've been able to just get the belts, but since I have no clue on how to loosen them up from the pulleys, I was going to have to take it to a shop, something which for sure would've cost me more. Money is just too tight at the moment.

  17. Damn man why are you getting so pressed? Buddy was just asking a question

  18. It’s just a question, just a simple yes or no is enough. There’s no need to go on a tangent

  19. I just had this problem where the game would start but it would crash on the rockstar logo screen, I recommend you update your graphics card drivers as that fixed the crashing for me.

  20. This is extremely generous of you to do, thank you so much! Would love a steam gift card to go towards a game I’ve had on my wishlist for a while, unfortunately it’s a little out of my budget. The game is called

  21. I'm sure there can be a work-around if the game is slightly above the winning amount.

  22. You are an awesome dude, I need to sort out some more keys to giveaway here, I think I have some, but I am not sure I can be as generous as you are

  23. I know that the giveaways I usually do are big, but it takes me a very long time to be able to save up and give back out to the community. Im literally just an average guy who got saved by the world of gaming. Even if you're giving away $0.99 game, you are still giving away something. Thanks for entering!

  24. For those curious as to why I hate these game keys, they were meant as Christmas presents for 2 of my friends, but they got the game before Christmas came, and now I'm left with them. No reason to not give them away to people who don't have these games yet.

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