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  1. Killing all the brothers is pretty much the only way to get a piece, the rates are so low killing just one

  2. You can get 83 for a few million gp doing steel and mithril at blast furnace then using the bars at foundry.

  3. I had to make myself do just 5 a day for a while because I got super burned out. I started just making it part of my farming runs.

  4. Homie I'm sending you all the good vibes I can. You deserve a seed just for tenacity holy shit. Cg kills my wrist after 2-3 runs

  5. No, smells a little bit like old fish and condoms. And it's a very thick smell that lingers

  6. It will come eventually. When it does keep killing them after.

  7. It's a pretty useful shield, same one I got and about the same way. Its sort of a pain in the fudge knuckle to charge so once you do charge it don't use them. It's worth the gp to get it made in to a shield if you have it. Even though it gives pretty large negatives to melee it's still better than a mind shield for wyverns cause of the defense imo.

  8. Power ammy is BIS at kraken d/t increased magic defense making trips last longer

  9. I was comparing power and glory but I wonder if def > glory even with the DPS loss

  10. I did cerb the no ghost way, saved idk how many pots. Ended up with 1300 kc before I got all the crystals.

  11. I did 99 fletching with magic longbows. Ended up with a ton of cash I don't need for anything lol. But I did the fletching in yanille with my guild (we all just started hanging out there sort of nostalgicly). I'd cut a few thousand magics at the wc guild. Then spend a day fletching, bowstring make, string, and aching my bows while chatting with the boys. It was pretty strong 07 vibes for me

  12. That sounds awesome! I can’t relate bc I started this game first time ever around 3 years go lol. The 2 friends that introduced me haven’t played in yrs so I’ve always been a solo guy on osrs :)

  13. Join a clan or at least a clan chat it makes it a lot more fun imo

  14. You can get brews and restores from grubby keys in the spider dungeon

  15. How are you doing your runs? You're pretty dry right now but things change fast at barrows

  16. Just the usual 86% all brothers 2 skellys 1 worm. (Occasional accidental miscalculation causing bolt rack lol)

  17. Yeah just stick to it and things will balance out. Luckily these days the only barrows gear you really need is the melee top/bottom imo.

  18. Once you get cg down reliably it's a pretty good measuring stick for doing almost everything else in osrs. The majority of the rest of the bosses are considerably easier to learn than hunlleff and it gives a good amount of confidence

  19. Die with a load of uncharged orbs by the air obelisk then you can suicide in edgeville on the nettles to send unpowered orbs to the gravestone.

  20. That's one heck of a good item. Quests, slayer, bosses. Gz!

  21. Bone bolts until you have a solid reliable stack of cash and a way to make more.

  22. A 5600/5700g plays everything I play in the living room. eSports (league, rocket league, Fortnite etc) and all the emulation I've tried (switch and PS3 mostly).

  23. That’s reassuring to know it can handle switch emulation as well (never looked into it) and I do jump into fort and RL once in a while.

  24. Take a look at the sgpc k39, basically a clone of the velka 3, 99$ very well built. Get your apu build in it and you can potentially add a GPU later

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