Alex Jones sent nude photo of wife to Roger Stone, Sandy Hook lawyer reveals

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  1. To distract from the main point of Christ’s teachings which is that we can free ourselves from this world and enter the kingdom of heaven with the right mindset

  2. Christ is another matrix creation. All saviour figures are.

  3. Then why would he tell us how to get out of the Matrix?

  4. That’s because “God” is all within you and it is up to you to achieve your own divine enlightenment, your own gnosis.

  5. Free will is troublesome to me. Were slaves of genetics, limited knowledge and lack of information. No fee choice can be accurately determined works all information necessary and the capacity to understand implications of information available.

  6. Just because you’re fallible and imperfect doesn’t mean you aren’t completely free

  7. I think it could be a representation of the divine spark within everyone and the connection of us all to the Infinite One

  8. Spiritual Freedom in the Gnostic sense from Romans to Templars, to Freemasons, yes.

  9. It depends how much preparation you do down here

  10. How do you suggest preparing yourself down here? That's something I often wonder about.

  11. Meditating/praying, reading spiritual texts, psychedelics if you are into them, discussing with others about these topics, and simply pondering the meaning of your relationship with God and the universe

  12. Just say “Unattainable Socialist Utopia” and be done with it.

  13. Who needs supply when you can just make demands?

  14. Yeh dats make sense but according to the theory karma is made up as part of the trap

  15. Yea that’s kind of what I’m saying. They use karma as a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ type of thing. They justify their evil but try to condemn you for making mistakes

  16. Yeh i get wat ur saying,the point im tryna make though is why would they do all that if karma doesn't exist at all

  17. If they can make you believe it exists, then it effectively does exist. But if you are not worried about karma than it does not really exist. The thing is most people fall for the karma trap so for them karma is very real.

  18. Be as ascetic as you feel is appropriate for your own path, but that's a false dichotomy. Unless you want (or can afford) to lead the life of a monk then there's no need to 'abandon' the world around you in order to focus on the spiritual. Balance in all things. That is all.

  19. Exactly if you enjoy the world too much you will not want to leave it, but if you hate the world then your anger can easily be used to control you

  20. Yes, they will do whatever it takes!

  21. That’s the reason I am hesitant to form relationships. I don’t fear attachment. It’s just that once you get close with people you can see that most of them have a strong divine spark and it is very painful to know that they are being screwed over on such a large scale. They deserve much better

  22. I know what you’re feeling. But I’ve asked my friends and family members if they want to be reincarnated and they tell me they’re fine with it. So at the end, I can’t feel too bad for them if they want to do this again.

  23. I was just giving names for mister gimme some names. Chill out guy I know the ones in power remain nameless.

  24. There’s still much better names to name. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Astor, Rhodes, etc

  25. George Herbert Walker Bush. As soon as someone who wasn't part of the establishment was voted in (Reagan) it scared the shit out of those who wanted to keep control, why do you think they hate Trump so fucking much- they as in BOTH sides

  26. I met one of the Afterlife Counselors during a fascinating Astral Projection experience. He was sitting at a desk almost exactly the same as the man in this movie.

  27. Don’t even interact with them. It’s like talking to the police while they interrogate you, there is nothing you can say to help yourself.

  28. No you cannot redeem your birth certificate for anything at the federal reserve. Go try

  29. You can redeem the opportunity to get thrown out on your ass by security

  30. Yeah, I know, like a binary code. I think the quantic nature of reality goes beyond the system of 0's and 1's but as you said, we don't know.

  31. You do know, you just don’t remember. “Life” is the process of remembering all that and when you finally remember, your eternal life begins

  32. No eternal as in the ethereal realm where time does not apply

  33. The main thing is duality which is symbolized by their use of black and white/checkerboard imagery. Duality=Division=Separation from the One Infinite God=Becoming stuck here in the 3rd dimension.

  34. Well they've been infiltrated by Gnostics a very long time ago! Templars were their military arm.

  35. Yea those damn all powerful Gnostics who were forcefully converted or killed by the Romans and had almost all their writings burned 1700 years ago, they’re controlling everything!

  36. Can’t believe it’s so low. Isn’t the overnight rate around 1.5% now?

  37. 2.25%, they just did another three quarter hike

  38. On immortal and deity, you will basically never keep up with AI military might without gimping your game horribly. I generally try to have a standing military at least 1/3 the size of top military; in early-mid game mostly archer/horse units, later infantry, bombers, mobile sams, paratroopers. The key to fending off an intruding AI is to completely kill as many units as possible in as short a time as possible, while checking if they will accept peace terms every turn. Generally, even on higher difficulties, if you have killed 5-6 AI units and the war has lasted 10 turns or so, they will accept peace.

  39. I usually only go for one or two wonders, if any. Maybe my problem is not killing enough units. Usually I try to keep my units alive and drag out the war, but maybe I should be more aggressive and kill as many AI units as I can and hope for a peace deal

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