AITA for infantilizing my wife?

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  1. I disagree, Scadrial needs FTL travel. You can't do that with conventional pushes.

  2. I wonder how steel feruchemy would affect a vehicle going at rocket speeds. If it could store a bit of speed once it got out of orbit, then even storing like, 10% of its speed is gonna add up over time. So store a bit of speed for a few hours, and then do a short burst of increased speed, maybe?

  3. Get a daily pill box and fill it up once a week. If there’s nothing in today’s box then you took them.

  4. They do make ones for a whole month, but that does take up a lot of space

  5. NTA. Insulting your daughter who suffers from a medical condition? I'm surprised he walked out of there with all his teeth.

  6. Try putting powdered liver on the food. It doesn't always work, but I have seen it do wonders. I'd also get a Thundershirt for when you know there'll be fireworks. If you haven't already tried these things!

  7. yeah, my dog tends to eat more of the food if I crush up some dried liver (or they might be lung, i can't remember) treats and sprinkle it on his food

  8. Fun fact. Aluminum is the original pronunciation but Britain changed it later. The US never cared to update it. Just like soccer. There's a brit on YouTube that makes videos about why American English is so different than British English. Often Americans lag behind because fuck it, why change.lol

  9. NTA. Just to clarify, do you mean that Dick would bark and try to bite if people were affectionate to each other?

  10. How can I teach my daughter to take pills? Serious question. She’s six and had one medication that’s in pill form. It’s not a chewable but she chews it.

  11. when i first started taking ADHD meds (i think this was in 2nd or 3rd grade) I had trouble with swallowing the pills, and they had an unpleasant taste, so my mom would give me the pill in a spoonful of chocolate syrup

  12. Me too! I keep the Lego flowers in the vase my husband got me for our first anniversary together ❤️

  13. He finally told me her pre-lit tree has burnt out, so now she wants ours (which doesn't have any lights).

  14. couldn't she just get some new lights and put them on her tree? If the ones already on it are burned out, they probably won't be noticeable, if the tree that my family used to have is anything to go by

  15. ESH for HS drama. Lesson for the sister" if you're going do something like that behind your parents' back, you better make sure you have your siblings on-board or paid off.

  16. Yeah. My brother got some beer when he was underage, and my parents were both out of town (I think he would've been a sophomore or junior in high school). He let me know about it, and I immediately told my parents because I did not want to be the adult in the house for several drunk high schoolers.

  17. NTA. I remember another story on reddit a while ago, where a kid whose mom was a mommy blogger or something started wearing shirts with bad language on them to keep her mom from posting pictures of her

  18. It’s like OP is in Spaceballs. NTA OP and fuck those c*nts!

  19. How many assholes we got on this ship anyway?

  20. Sad Juju. Kills take away super energy because what’s the point anyway :(

  21. Bald Juju. Has a chance to randomly summon zavala to disapprove of your enemies

  22. tell them that if they want you to puke on them, then you'll come. Otherwise you're staying home.

  23. NTA. People who play music (or watch videos) without headphones in public are sociopaths

  24. NTA. And your dad is not "scientific" if he denies the existence of mental health issues.

  25. NTA. And if she's planning on being in town for 2 weeks after the birth, but not being helpful because 'her feelings are hurt', then she's probably going to be more of a hinderance than anything else

  26. Jife. like a knife, but made out of blue jeans. You could also make a Jord i suppose

  27. NTA and your 'friend' is a bigot who doesn't respect other people's beliefs.

  28. This convo is also problematic because to Male Hawke he mentions that Karl was his boyfriend but it's never mentioned to female Hawke at all

  29. Anders is one of those people who only cares about the cause that affects him, and doesn't give a shit about any other type of oppression. In awakening, dude says to the warden that they "don't know what it's like being locked up for who they are". And yes, he will say that to a city elf warden

  30. You do not fuck with band saws bro. My year we weren’t allowed to use them alone because some kid cut vertically down the tip of his finger because he was dumb enough to try and cut a pencil in half starting with the eraser. Kid later lost at least one finger in high school by not being careful between two cats. That shop teacher also told us the specific story that caused the scrap box to be where it is after he has a kid lose part of his thumb after being shoved and tripping on the box. Edit: cars not cats.

  31. I tried cutting a pencil in half with the first pocketknife I ever got from cub scouts. Ended up needing two stitches on my left index finger

  32. My husband's snoring woke me up (through ear plugs mind you). After 15 years of nagging, he finally had a sleep study done, where he found out he had SEVERE sleep apnea and was told his heart muscles were getting severely damaged from his sleep apnea because they over compensate when he stops breathing during the night (and not that he would suffocate in his sleep, which most people incorrectly believe).

  33. Yeah, I'd been having problems on and off for years with being tired constantly. Like, to the point where I would have trouble keeping my eyes open while driving. I finally got a sleep study done, and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Been using the CPAP since the end of august, and the difference is amazing.

  34. Can we get a Moash in England please? Or a Szeth?

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