1. So he's bad for calling Ruby out?

  2. Not for calling Ruby out, but for stealing the spotlight again and making the situation about him, as always.

  3. The crapsack dystopia, where everybody is morally gray, there’s no real good guys, and the world sucks with no redeeming qualities at all is one of them for me. They can work if done well, but a lot of times it feels like they’re being dark and depressing just for the sake of being dark and depressing. And then there are those that decide have the world appear to be upbeat and happy, but wait a minute! There’s a dark secret about it that makes it a dystopia anyway!

  4. Sylvester vs Tom Cat (The two most well known incompetent cats in animation)

  5. I don’t think it was either, CRWBY probably saw the backlash after the episode released and just said that to try to get us off their back. The problem is that by saying that, they dig themselves into a deeper hole because it makes their writing look worse if something that was planned for years turned out this poorly.

  6. Would be better if we heard the steam hissing instead of that cringe song

  7. I keep all of them on so I can hear my computer curse my name when I move the camera a single pixel to the left

  8. First of all, Tarbosaurus did not live in a desert, that is a common error in Paleomedia. Second, most larger theropods were what we call endurance predators, like wolves, they chase their prey over long distances until they get tired and can’t fight back. And third, most of the time they probably singled out prey that they could easily outrun, like the sick or elderly.

  9. Yeah just because the Gobi Desert is now a desert, Mongolia always gets depicted that way. So stupid. Would be like depicting marine reptiles from Kansas and Nebraska living in seas of wheat.

  10. I think another reason that error keeps getting repeated is because people think that Tarbosaurus lived with Velociraptor, which did live in an arid environment, but also preceded Tarbosaurus by about 5 million years.

  11. The squid takes this, the Great White is good, but a colossal squid is just too big

  12. A colossal squid is like twice to size of a Great White

  13. If it was really planned from the beginning (which I still highly doubt), then that makes it look even worse, since you had like ten years to iron out the issues and make it convincing, and you still got a forced pairing that has no chemistry and robs the characters of their personalities.

  14. Definitely a Possum, you can tell by the way the paws are shaped

  15. Something I just realized is that Cobalt has had at least one rematch in every season it’s in (besides season 2)

  16. The fact that at any time, there is a very low, but non-zero chance that a gamma ray burst from space could smash into the planet and rip away the atmosphere. And we wouldn’t have the slightest warning until the second it happens and the air is gone.

  17. He thought Natsuki’s cupcakes were slightly below average.

  18. Hydra has also evolved a lot since then, I’m pretty sure Jake has a plan for it this time

  19. Yes, Huge is scary good nowadays. In my bracket, I see Huge beating Skorpios and then Ripperoni before losing to End Game. Who knows, they might even pull off and upset and beat End Game.

  20. You sure End Game can beat it? End Game is pretty much the paper to HUGE’s scissors, the exact kind of bot HUGE is designed to beat.

  21. ‘Oh, no! My sister is depressed, so let me go hook up with my cat girl gf and completely ignore her!’

  22. Me, reading this post while watching Ratatouille:

  23. Okay, so it appears that this happens way more often than I thought it did

  24. Dimetrodon being included in dinosaur media and merchandise. Please stop. Not even the Mesozoic.

  25. Ikr, it wasn’t even at the end of the Permian, it was towards the beginning

  26. People thinking Giganotosaurus or Spinosaurus is the biggest therapod when it's actually T-rex

  27. Well Spino is longer and taller than T. rex, so in layman’s terms it is ‘bigger’. Giga on the other hand is just equal in size

  28. It so so pristine except that giant mold stain on the wall

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