1. No, this is not "controversial" at all. This is practically common fan knowledge. And freely accepted and discussed, in fact.

  2. I recently read an amazing fanfic by kstewdeux on ao3 where Inuyasha, in trying to keep his memory of Kagome's oddities, actually succeeds in rattling off Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, and random things he'd remember Kagome saying as she studied for math. "parallel slope" "y-axis" "calculus" and things like that. It broke my heart.

  3. You're not the only one. I've thought this since I first heard the cast recording, and that was how I became a fan. Even Lin thinks this, both about Leslie and his songs. Not sure if this is okay, but I judge a Burr actor/performer by how he sings "Wait for It", "Room Where It Happens", and "dear theodosia".

  4. No matter what some people say about this whole storyline nowadays, I love them too!

  5. See, the way I see it is simply this. A relationship that began with cheating can only end in cheating, no matter the buildup/chemistry between the two people involved. So to me, that indicates that they were doomed from the start. At least, that's how I see it.:)

  6. But why was it easier to watch Erica be pregnant with the child (or I guess children) they were going to adopt?

  7. Perhaps it's because she knew what that was going to be for them. It was adoption. Giving a home and parents to someone else's baby who needs them. But if she had gone with surrogacy, she would know without certainty that that was *their baby*, hers and Chandlers. They'd made it together, and yet another woman is carrying the baby. That was probably the painful part for her.

  8. That makes sense. I guess I just often thought that watching another woman be pregnant might've also been hard for her like another woman is going through what she's always wanted to go through with being able to create life inside of her.

  9. Maybe that's part of it too. I bet it was hard for her watching Phoebe and Rachel when they were pregnant, but I think that was easier to bear then what's for all intents and purposes her child being mothered in the womb by someone else.

  10. Yes, I believe he definitely was covering for him. Which is exactly why this episode frustrates me to no end whenever I see it.

  11. Yes to everything you said! Towa and her so-called "romantic interest" annoyed me to no end too. If it weren't for some of the old Inn characters making appearances I honestly do not think I'd have ever watched the show.

  12. I say he didn't imagine it because he probably read it somewhere, although it is not a fact.

  13. I was just thinking about this today! We definitely need more of these two together.

  14. Welcome to this glorious rabbit hole! You won't find a better crime show to be hooked on, let me assure.:)

  15. I definitely agree. The audio production on the OG series was top notch. Final Act didn't sound as... full and round, though, in my opinion.

  16. This is unthinkable. That's what a life is worth to them now? Judge Wende Cross should be ashamed and rethink continuing on as a judge. What about this woman's family? Friends? What about justice for them?

  17. This definitely ranks as one of FF's most laughable, quotable, memorable, stupidest quotes of all time. Up there with 'those god damned black shoes'.

  18. It’s absolutely astounding the set up that he planned It gets my undecided attention any time this episode comes on.

  19. Yes. Coldhearted, manipulative, psychopathic narcissists. It wasn't enough that he commits this murder, he goes and ruins the life of Donna's other friend (if I'm not mistaken) and is basically the reason for her fatal depression. Sick. Monster would be too kind a word for this one.

  20. That’s riiiiiight. I forgot about her best friend that he ( not really a he but more like that inhuman narcissist yes!!) he completely manipulated snd she was on verge of suicide by depression. Institutionalized ! Forgot about THAT angle Gawd, The killers truly are narcs

  21. It's one thing to ruin your boss's careers out of anger and disdain for doctors, but quite another to kill innocent little children who were supposed to be under your care and whom you're supposed to help get better. She's despicable and evil to the core.

  22. It did, thank you. And so did these discussions we've had. I feel so glad to know I'm not alone in my thoughts on Yashahime, and by extension, InuYasha as well.:)

  23. This guy has got to be one of the dumbest criminals featured on the show.

  24. Omgooodness your soooo correct. I am horrible with names. It’s a thing w me. Always has Been and if this was MY planet? We would ALL wear name tags. For me. Hahaa. Thank you tho. Thank you

  25. Ha. Cute. Wish this was my planet, I’d also have cat food for months. (I’m always running out !! )

  26. In some FF episodes, you look at the victim's family, and your heart breaks.

  27. I thought of this too! They never met, and yet I think they'd be such a cute couple. But it'd be a bit awkward, what with the twins. And Joey would for sure be with Mondler's family a lot of the time. It's one of those things that's fun to imagine, but that's it.

  28. I have nothing particular against SessRin, but this fact was just dumb, IMO (just for the fact that InuKag were married years before SessRin even started the first steps of a romantic journey).

  29. It is dumb. And why couldn't Moroha have been the main character too? Would it have been too obvious? I liked her.

  30. To be fair on that last point, the studio originally intended to have the sequel centered around InuYasha & Kagome having a son but Rumiko shot it down fearing the story would be too redundant of the OG series, and only greenlit the series when the studio came up with the idea of Sesshomaru having kids.

  31. True. Can't change anything now, since it's finished. But wow! Thanks for all this info! I'd never read up much on the creation and behind the scenes for YashaHime, so this is kind of eye-opening. No wonder it turned out the way it did, then. It might not have been redundant to the old series, but at least to me, Towa felt in the beginning like a Kagome wannabe. With regards to her living in the modern era and then journeying back to the past, that is.

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