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  1. the first notes are octaves of C# D# F# and then a higher C#

  2. So triads of C#, D# and F#, with the final being another C#? The final chord on screen is fine, it’s just the part before that I’m really struggling with!

  3. Octaves, not triads. But yes those are the melody notes, and the tabs for the final chord.

  4. Oh man thank you so much for helping! Can’t wait to try this tomorrow :)

  5. Yea there’s never a time where tacrolimus doesn’t burn, at least a bit. It’s certainly slower than topic steroids, and generally better for your skin as it’s an immunosuppressant.

  6. Protopic (tacrolimus ointment) was a god send for my face. It’s really the only ointment you should use for your face, because fortunately it’s not a steroid. It does usually cause a bit of irritation and burn when I put it on, but usually 2-3 nights of it and my skin is recovering.

  7. It is indeed HP sauce, best sauce for anything breakfast related

  8. That beats hell out of an Egg McMuffin! I'll probably replace the black pudding (for availability reasons) with sauteed onions and peppers but I'm definitely making this. Great job!

  9. Yea but this doesn’t fit into the narrative though. Neither does the same negative style of football and limp performances being played under tuchel, that’s just Potter’s Chelsea apparently

  10. You are just another Potter hater pining for the love of your life 🎻

  11. I was literally agreeing with you lol saying that it doesn’t fit the narrative of people who don’t support potter….? That’s really not hard to get from my comment lol.

  12. You're not alone. Found myself watching that match without a care in the world. This new shit corporate face of the club paired with disastrous football and half assed players, what's to love right now? I don't blame Potter either but I'm not behind him at all compared to Tuchel.

  13. If you aren’t behind our manager then how can you even call yourself a fan? He won 5 games on the trot including milan home and away, and topped our UCL group.

  14. You’re the kind of fan I can’t stand. Potter is clearly not cut out for this level

  15. Our group stage result in the champions league says differently, the champions league is the highest level. You’re uneducated mate

  16. Tuchels team did not look good at the end. Everyone take off the rosy glasses you are using to look at tuchel. Give the manager a chance to instill tactics.

  17. Thank fuck someone is saying this. I guarentee all these fickle fans moaning at potter were the same criticising tuchel for the exact same thing

  18. Can someone explain what he was trying to say? I’m dumb af like Alicent clearly

  19. I’d say Sanches OTW is a pretty poor choice, he’s going to get very limited game time, and when he does the likelihood is there will be other players more likely to get a TOTW

  20. He’s fun to play with, if you can cross well it’s guarenteed goals

  21. You know how many touts sell tickets to them? Any member can get a ticket too

  22. It’s hardly tourists fault, that’s just touts lol. Every team touts do that. Been to several games and most of the people you speak to are just normal fans, tourists aren’t the reason the atmosphere is dead

  23. Your point was about people not knowing how to buy tickets. It's very easy. Atmosphere has been dead probably because we haven't challenged for the league for ages so it's just going through the motions watching dull football. CL games atmosphere are always good at least in the knockouts

  24. You’re missing the point. I’m saying people blaming tourists probably haven’t even bought a ticket before. I’ve regularly gotten tickets for games on short notice via the ticket exchange, and for a reasonable price. You can UCL group stage matches for like £30, which is more than reasonable

  25. This has to be satire, please god let it be satire

  26. Please report this awful human being, save some other poor soul from having to interact with her

  27. Did the exact same thing last year, chucked it in the garage and forgot about it until this week

  28. Yeah man idk, this seems like a you problem.

  29. Lol had no idea my comment would be so triggering for a throw away thought about this cringe fest. Love the analysis of my character based on my few short comments, im actually both of those things you’ve kindly listed.

  30. I wouldn’t call them equal. The difference in the two opinions is that one was clear with valid points to challenge and the other was lazy and relied on emotion to support its logic. Just like the OP, you shared an opinion on someone else’s actions but your illogical twist came from trying to downplay its credibility by criticizing the feeling someone had in order to form it.

  31. Yea I saw the length of the post and the timeline of emotions and thought wow what a fucking loser, imagine caring that much lol.

  32. You could see them doing mental calculations with each punch thrown or not. If i didnt know who these guys were before hand I would've assumed they were all up and coming proffessionals.

  33. They’re not even close to the level of up and coming professionals lol, watch some actual up and coming professionals and you’ll see they’re a different level.

  34. First one was 3 85s + Captains Laca, second one had Captains JWP, Captains Tadic, Casemiro & Kane. Finally got some juiced luck.

  35. Captains Laca has been soooo good for me! Got him In the 2 x 86 pack

  36. When are final tickets being released? Does anyone know if they are all sold through the Chelsea site?

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