1. Of course, nothing comes with absolutely zero risk. Safest* does not mean safe.

  2. Risk of cancer... weighed with being an Olympian and forgotten about in a few years? Hardly seems safe nor worth it.

  3. I'm not really one to care for pros and their relationships, I only follow for the competing aspect. I follow Dom though and when she was with Dom she had the same type of posts and stories. Calling him hubby, overly gushy posts, etc. Then dropped him and immediately moved onto this guy where she was saying the same things. Just red flag behavior. Idk these people nor do I care but that was my impression.

  4. Dating someone who is always trashing their ex and how they were never in the wrong = 🚩🚩🚩

  5. Out of respect to her and her family I don't feel it's proper to discuss so soon. This is easily researched specifically with bacterial pneumonia on Google if you want to look in to the associations.

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/bodybuilding/comments/10lv1ch/ifbb_womens_physique_pro_and_powerlifter_amy/j5zzhlz?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

  7. We will likely never know if it's just really bad luck or if the PED's were a contributing factor so jumping to conclusion isn't proper to her or the family. Many of the people in that forum really are jumping to that conclusion as it's fact but they'd have no way of knowing for certain. I will say I stopped coaching BB's years ago due to the risks they now need to take at the upper levels and I don't think I could deal with having a death or serious injury on my mind and still function. Something like that seems like it'd really haunt you, not sure how some of these coaches who deal with that just move on and try to bury their part in the mater like nothing happened. Not saying this coach did that but we've all seen some who are still operating without any hiccup who have multiple bodies on their hands. I just can't do it. I wish her husband and family the best, she died doing what she loved so there's something to be said about that. Good way to go for a BB with the Olympia being her last show and getting to do it. There's some peace within that.

  8. I think it's a decent assumption considering the family did release she had heart and kidney failure. Which does not seem like bacterial pneumonia would be a direct cause in that. Just saying. 🤷

  9. Love this topic. I've been lifting for a long time. Fads come and go. I'll never give into buying big name active wear when they go out of style quickly. Darc sport comes to mind but that's an entire topic on its own. I will splurge on Lulus though once a year, usually on sale, because they are incredible.

  10. Omg can you please share how you make it?? That would be so much fun to try!

  11. How long has it been since your show? It takes a few weeks for your hunger hormones to regulate. Why do you fear a meal plan? Macros I feel are so open-ended and easier to go off track/over-eat. Does your coach know that you feel this way? Maybe you need more cals?

  12. I last competed in 2021, so I don't. My physique has changed quite a bit since then. I may be better off to diet down and see what its looking like. thank you!

  13. A lot has changed since 2021. What may have been enough muscle then very well could not be enough now. Dieting down maybe 10lbs to see what you're working with is a good idea.

  14. I highly suggest for you to attend an ocb and npc show as a spectator. You will be able to tell the differences immediately. Npc is more rigid and competitive. Ocb is more laid back and honestly not too competitive. One of the ocb shows I attended a girl with blatant butt implants, who was not very lean, went pro. Not to knock ocb but that's what happened when I attended.

  15. I believe it should be preference and how you feel. I'm personally not as hungry on non-training days. Therefore my macros are different (only 2 of 5 meals have carbs). During off season if I feel hungry I will replace my last meal with a cheat meal but that rarely happens.

  16. Conditioning looks good but back pose needs more tie-in definition. More muscle density is def required to be nationally competitive. I mean this in the nicest way possible... your suit cut is very ill-fitted. The moulded cups are not doing you any favors. They lift off your chest in the front pose. Too much fabric in the back as well, I would use a "pro cut" next time. I like the aqua blue color with your features though. Check out the bikinitalk sub. 👍

  17. Which workshop are you referring to? The one in Vegas had a great Livestream last year.

  18. You are right. She didn’t address why she parted ways with FBF. But on the other hand, do people need to disclose “I was let go from my last job because of an anger outburst” though… by the end of the day I believe in redemption and growth 🤷‍♀️

  19. If you value professionalism and transparency in a coach, then yes I think it should be addressed.

  20. I value professionalism and transparency. I also value boundaries. I don’t think I’m entitled to know what mistakes my boss made in his last job, unless it’s impacting his current situation.

  21. Honestly if this means less IFBB O qualifiers this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Way too many pro shows which leads to 50+ competitors at the O.

  22. I weight train at 5am and also do cardio afterwards. A PreWO meal is totally necessary for me. I usually blend my breakfast into a pancake so it's easier/faster to eat. I also eat a rice krispie omw to the gym with pre workout drink.

  23. Sounds like a difference of opinions. Allison and her old coach thinks bikini should look like X, while James think they need to look like Y. He made all of this sound oddly personal. Like there's a twist of bitterness in his explanation. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

  24. Did she drop before or after they made the announcement that there .might be fees for dropping ?

  25. The couples that constantly post about each other are often the most troubled/toxic. 🕵️

  26. Don't ask me how but once I wore my thong backwards. Thankfully it wasn't for a leg day. I didn't realize until I went to do seated shoulder press that my thong was giving me a frontal wedgie/ my labia was completely out. #awk

  27. Ngl postpartum was rough for me. I felt flabby and my hormones were working to regulate again which didn't help my emotions and how I viewed myself. That on top of taking care of an infant/baby... ooofff. It was a wild ride for sure. I lifted my entire pregnancy and was back in the gym 3 weeks pp (nothing crazy though). This still didn't help me though. It took almost a year PP for me to feel good about myself again. Everyone is different. Do you plan on breastfeeding/pumping? This still def slow your progress in the gym as well.

  28. Thank you for this! Yes we plan on breastfeeding and I’m nervous about it. I’m an anxious person and I already feel like I’m doing everything wrong for no reason 😅

  29. Totally normal. Just relax and enjoy everything, seriously! It goes so so fast and before you know it they're a toddler destroying your house. 😂

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