1. You: I missed you. Her: Have we met before? You: Yes, in my dreams.

  2. I thought about the dream catcher in the pic but it’s hard to come up with a line about it

  3. Can you be ready today by 7pm !? . Take her in a dope date . That’s what her profile says Be direct ?

  4. Hey mate, I've got aphids at the moment, and really only a few days away from harvest. What did you do to get rid of them? I'll need to sort it out for next time...

  5. No joke , there are a million solutions . Only matter what you wanna smoke . The various ways everyone told me to deal with them is all on y previous most about a week ago . Check it out a lot of comments say very helpful stuff : I personally took it into my own hands and liege tamy plucked out all infected leaves 🍃 and that’s it . I may was the bud later but it was just so spontaneous I think I caught them on the hatch/egg stage along with just vigorous se leaving it when I saw a sign of anything . I’m on week 6.5 and I feel you , imma ride it out and harvest as soon as ready

  6. First can confirm . The other two cannot due to the shot being not that close but they do look to en female from that pic . Good luck !

  7. Dang , what should I do? I’m about 6.5 weeks of flower ,Outdoor. Edit: flower

  8. Not taking shots but this looks like weeks of neglect. I have dealth with mites in the past and they get exponentially harder to get rid of the longer they stay on the plant.

  9. Nope I tend for it daily . Literally came out of nowhere one leaf looks like this the rest ( about 3) had very minimal aphids . Took them all out . Considering some spray but I’ll think about it

  10. But with the Tommy and an extended mag you only need 4mag/3 reload, so it should be much quicker

  11. That’s was I was saying ha . So many bullets in second

  12. Lol you all enjoy replying multiple times to all this pointless arguments ? Chill out , take a joke . I’m out . Peace

  13. She will likely deal with chronic pain for the rest of her life.

  14. Kinda depends on if there are two separate brains as to whether its two people or not

  15. Lol parents live in Ensenada ( 30 mins down the road from Rosarito) , and I drive there to see them like 2 times a month. I always see this and it keeps on being renovated and added to. Lol looks “better” every time I see it .

  16. I'm not defending Miatas with that comment, I'm defending basic car design knowledge and really the laws of physics themselves.

  17. You lose and argument and then "yeah whatever I don't care kthxbye".

  18. I didn’t lose anything retard, nor did I start an argument . I only said miatas suck (which they do ) and that is considered an opinion from my part, and commented on this post where a Miata was shown . So fun off you childish pricks

  19. Not needed. Thanks just play in your region and people will speak your language !

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