1. These these cars were predominantly from the 80s but cool design. This would make a lot more sense with an e36...

  2. #qodef-woo-page span.qodef-woo-product-mark.qodef-woo-onsale {

  3. Update: needed to change the selector and it works

  4. Changed my hosting, migrated the website. Nothing helps.

  5. Inspect element, find img element, set width, height and object fit.

  6. Ok, will try. Though this seems to be questionable fix since it happens only with newly added photos

  7. Might be due to either local cache, cache or a better selector. You can check the selectors in your browsers developer tool, and see whether your current CSS has been overwritten by something with a better selector, and then use that selector instead. Or by simply apending !important between the end of. the code and the ;

  8. Weird thing, now it works but only for mobile :')

  9. You linked to a domain, not an image. Please make your post clearer.

  10. yes, and in the main page, images are "sticky" while other elements scroll when scrolling. hard to explain but the concept is pretty simple, something like parallax but other way around

  11. Have you googled sticky background image? That’s all it is.

  12. In my case, I used Play Store. Try searching it on your phone's app store

  13. I use the same app store but there is no instagram lite :/

  14. Bruhh I didnt know it is not available for all countries. I'm from Brazil btw. Another option would be searching for a apk older version, haven't tried It tho

  15. My instagram doesnt even work. I Open the app and get a white screen. Does anyone has it also? Pls help

  16. When this happened to me someone reported me and I was banned for a week app wouldn't load what I had to do was log in through the internet and it said I was banned and whatever else then it started working again

  17. It works through the internet perfectly though

  18. That's pretty cool. Automotive artwork is def underrated for wall decor.

  19. Yes. Huge difference sadly. Instagram doesn't care enough to make the compression algorithm work properly on androids.

  20. This looks great. I love the color scheme. The glass is top shelf work with the reflection. Way to go!

  21. It looks like a 1960’s poster and I’m living for it.

  22. Thanks! It was my mission to make it look retro

  23. I needed a new wallpaper background. Thank you!

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