1. Whats the lowest acceptable budget that still can bring decent results? Selling apparel

  2. Thank you. Contact me and maybe we could figure out something to fit your budget.

  3. The detail on the car is exceptional. The animation itself would be better if it were a perfect loop and didn’t bounce up and down (my opinion only). Great job

  4. Totally agree with you loop-wise. I tried to do the bouncing so its more "realistic" but it seems like theres some improvements to do on both sides. Thank you!

  5. I can help building a wordpress website connected with woocommerce, contact me if you need any help

  6. If anyone needs a full quality wallpaper just hit me up on ig which is in bio

  7. Totally post back if it turns into a t-shirt. Never enough rally swag. πŸ˜€

  8. Im preparing a KTM 640cc supermoto project, so if you want consider subscribing 🚨

  9. I love it but maybe on a poster not a hoodie. To much going on in the background , if you simplified the background and made the focus on the e30 then yes. Thank you, A fellow graphic designer

  10. Sorry for late reply. There is no problem for me to customize the design for your needs. If you still interested in having a poster of it, lets contact. Thank you

  11. You can either contact me on ig @digitus_art or write in reddit dm

  12. #qodef-woo-page span.qodef-woo-product-mark.qodef-woo-onsale {

  13. Update: needed to change the selector and it works

  14. Changed my hosting, migrated the website. Nothing helps.

  15. Inspect element, find img element, set width, height and object fit.

  16. Ok, will try. Though this seems to be questionable fix since it happens only with newly added photos

  17. Might be due to either local cache, cache or a better selector. You can check the selectors in your browsers developer tool, and see whether your current CSS has been overwritten by something with a better selector, and then use that selector instead. Or by simply apending !important between the end of. the code and the ;

  18. Weird thing, now it works but only for mobile :')

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