Don't put metal in a microwave. Don't mix bleach and ammonia. What are some other examples of life-saving tips that a potentially uninformed person wouldn't be aware of?

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  1. Reddit : “just move somewhere cheaper then “

  2. Why can't they move to another part of the U.S.? A lot of our ancestors moved to the U.S. for a better life. How is that different from moving out of San Francisco to somewhere else?

  3. This didn't work out for me. I am from the SF Bay Area and moved to Kansas for 2.5 years. It was cheap but my income took a commensurate hit, so I was actually worse off, and I paid a huge career penalty for YEARS when I got back.

  4. My gut reaction is that a privileged view is someone who chooses to live in a crowded paradise and expects to be compensated more for only that.

  5. Try cutting out sugary sodas. Even if you brush your teeth and floss you will still have cavity problems. I switched to sugar free ("zero") sodas a few years ago and had a noticeable difference at dentist visits.

  6. There's two options, one, he likes you chubby, or two, he thinks you'll leave him or something if you get fit

  7. The overpaid tech bros of the greater bay area are feeling some pain. Meanwhile, in the rest of the country (the real world), us software engineers are doing just fine on our regular people salaries with good job security and good work life balance.

  8. I want to upvote for the reference to the Bay Area being overpriced/overpaid, but downvote for the use of the word "bros" implying that only one gender is overpaid.

  9. Why rob Peter to pay Paul? What happens if you can't pay it back or lose your job?

  10. It may make financial sense if they get 401k matching from an employer.

  11. I'm not saying go to 0, but you haven't earned the right to save for retirement if you have *excessive debt today.

  12. What I'm saying is that employee matching is like an immediate 100% return on your investment. If you turn around and spend 6% of that on a loan, then it is still a ~94% return on investment.

  13. The actress who played Tank Girl is likely more messed up. The Poker House is written by, and based on Lori Petty’s childhood. It’s a messed up story.

  14. That actress is in the show Station Eleven on HBO Max in case you are wondering what she looks like now.

  15. I agree Mackenzie Davis is great in Halt and Catch Fire! That is a different actress though.

  16. Awesome creative use of Midjourney! But doesn't really look "too dark" for children to be honest -- seems like something Jim Henson would have worked on.

  17. If you follow OP's Imgur link the comment further down there are a few dark images. One looks like a crucified and skinned monkey. A couple look like a skeleton gremlin monster. There is also one showing an army of metal gremlins with glowing eyes.

  18. "_______ as a service" is a shitty scam that has no purpose beyond extracting as much money as possible from the customer for as long as possible. It's a neon sign saying "We can't make a product good enough to justify the cost without locking you into a predatory scheme."

  19. For a web based software there are ongoing monthly costs like servers and support. Charging for it monthly more closely matches the expenses of the business.

  20. I'm guessing everyone is doing the same. You grab the pictures and your run it locally in your machine.when I checked the prices of gpu online it didn't make sense on how you can make any profit on these type of projects.

  21. The guy made this exact app concept last month, so yea I bet a ton of people did.

  22. It's not the liver, but researchers are experimenting with using stem cells to cure diabetes. This article mentions a 30% success rate in mice:

  23. I'm curious if the reasoning might be more natural. The world has 8 billion people, this could be considered overpopulated. In some species, could that result in a natural decrease in reproductive cells?

  24. Not to mention the amount of hormones in our food and water.

  25. I think this is likely a culprit and that most people don't realize the extent of it. Most beef products in the U.S. have extra testosterone in them, because the ranchers inject cows with it as a way to make more money. Many plastic food and drink containers leach chemicals that mimic estrogen into food/drinks.

  26. This all could’ve been over years ago had they just swallowed their pride and accepted western vaccines.

  27. I get the impression that it is more about Xi's government controlling the Chinese populace than about the actual virus.

  28. My company also tracks how many phishing emails you fail to report as phishing, unfortunately.

  29. 9IX says:

    DISCLAIMER: This comment was from another Redditor which whom I cannot find. most of the stuff here could be outdated or incorrect

  30. 1945: Poland it's USSR ally commit genocide and ethnic cleansing against millions of Germans living in what was then Germany.

  31. Don't use a generator or charcoal grill indoors. Fumes will build up and asphyxiate you.

  32. That's a fairly new thing, I got it but my sister didn't and had to request it later on, probably a fair few people over 30 who could do with getting it

  33. I tried getting this as an adult (40), but the pharmacist told me I was too old.

  34. I doubt you feel that way about Donetsk and Luhansk

  35. Donetsk and Luhansk weren't about self determination. At the beginning of their "independence" struggle they were openly led by the intelligence agency of a foreign power.

  36. I have a theory that "smart" people are already just "normal" people, because mentally disabled/damaged people bring down down the average IQ.

  37. It's also worth noting that the average iq of 100 is the median, not the mean. Getting an average IQ is about beating 50% of other people, which will include those with intellectual disabilities, but those people can only affect so much because they're a small portion of the population.

  38. I think 100 IQ might be both the average (mean) and median after googling it for a few moments.

  39. Not sure about lobsters, but elephants and whales have extra genes to fight cancer.

  40. Boston Dynamics has been sold several times since making that pledge.

  41. Search the internet for the term "product tour". There are lots of third party tools trying to do this.

  42. I don't think you should be ashamed of this. I also could not live in a religious way like you describe. That sounds suffocating.

  43. So if your partner was Maintaining a secret relationship with a person they wanted to sleep with who disliked you and leaned on your partner for emotional support, it's not an emotional affair for you? When does it become an emotional affair?

  44. It may be unpopular, but I agree with earlier commenter, the term "emotional affair" is just a term made up by controlling people to describe spouses' friendships. Trying to prevent friendships is not a healthy relationship dynamic.

  45. Albert Einstein had an excellent dating life, though. Even being married never slowed him down.

  46. Assuming U.S. dollars were used to buy the FTX exchange's cryptocurrencies, wouldn't that U.S. dollar money just be in somebody else's hands?

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