1. They look perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to really appreciate change that’s so gradual.

  2. Why do Redditors just cap? They’re not perfect, and that’s ok. They do look better with the alingers on, and that’s because the aligners make the teeth appear to have a better shape than they actually do.

  3. You probably feel like shit, and I don’t wanna kick you when you’re down, but drop the “depression and lymph node” bullshit.

  4. Part of growing up is realizing that Mr. Girls’ “stories” are completely made up, and they just serve to create a grey-area that push for interesting reactions/ conversation.

  5. Nice sushi wrap, but the inside is usually the interesting part of a sushi roll

  6. Sneako's right. Having large ass tattoos being brought up every single time is surprisingly annoying. I know my brother just makes up random shit about his tattoos, but the real answer is that it's just aesthetically pleasing. Even Destiny going "it's gotta mean something to you." was a bit off the mark in my experience.

  7. People are just asking to make conversation, we don’t really care

  8. Dman never really just talks to dudes aimlessly for hours on stream

  9. He did it w/ Aba before the MrRedacted drama shit, and with Dan whenever he hops on

  10. 5. We pretend like we’d rather watch factorio than talk about [redacted].

  11. It’s just a bit strange for someone to comment an opinion and then for you to just say “I disagree”.

  12. It’s not that I disagree, it’s that his opinion is just wrong, flat out.

  13. I like how we pretend that random videos and factorio is more interesting

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