1. Here is Bruno’s xG and xA when playing CM vs ACM. At ACM he has 0.31 xG/90mins and 0.27 xA/90mins. At CM this drops down to 0.15 xG/90mins and 0.16 xA/90mins.

  2. Ten Haag need him at CAM because he is much more needed there, Mctominay and Fred can easily start on CM role

  3. I think there is not obvious choice this week, Rashford fit is maybe the best option but I wouldn't tell it is obvious the best one

  4. I prefer the Soucek-Cresswell double up in 2020/21, good times

  5. Cresswell was probably best defender in the game alongside Trent and Robbo that season

  6. A game in 28, a double in 29, not the best data but still getting some limited chances

  7. Funny thing is emile Smith Rowe is better than all of them

  8. He is behind Saka,Jesus, Martinelli, Trossard and probably Nketiah in pecking order

  9. Bench Kane for Odegaard? Seriously considering it

  10. You are crazy, putting a second best player of the game on the bench againts Forest at home is nothing but crazy

  11. Can see the atmosphere in their stadium being toxic as fuck and Forest getting a result....

  12. Then why you even own Kane, Spurs can be really shit but Kane is consistent and you need to be patient sometimes but it is your call

  13. Not invalidating your point, but as far as I've seen (me included) the selling would also include BGW28 so the logic is:

  14. And he will likely fall once in price until GW30 so the most you can lose is .3 not .5

  15. Yes if Toney stays clear of yellow in this DGW, if not then he will likely stay because I will bring Watkins then for Toney

  16. Fulham didn't score in just 2 games home this season, 45% for Arsenal clean sheet seems a bit high comparing with Brentford 32% againts the worst attack in the league

  17. FUL failed to score in just 6 H games (vs TOT , EVE)

  18. You mean 2 H games? Yeah Arsenal doesn't have bad away record but still I expect that Fulham is more likely to score than Everton

  19. I was having the same dilemma but don’t you think the Brighton mids would be a better shout? I was thinking of putting the triple cap on MacAllister or Mitoma personally (despite also owning Toney)

  20. Yeah but going with Brigthton player seems such like a lottery who will haul and who will blank while Toney is Brentford main man, also penalties are big factor

  21. Why on earth would you put Senesi, March and Mac Allister are also much better choice than Groß right now

  22. Play zinchenko vs Fulham or Trippier vs wolves? Need advice!

  23. You mean March vs Mitoma past restart: Big chances: 4-5 Big chances created: 9-1 Big chances involvements: 13-6 xGi: 7.4 - 4.3

  24. royal as the 5th defender is interesting but botman and badiashile dgw29 so its kinda tough to look past

  25. But the wildcard is about the doubles and the blanks, right? Neither of which are happening in 26.

  26. It is about do your team need it more this week or next one also, if you don't need it this week better for you

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