1. Fun fact: turtle's shell is just modified ribs so it's impossible to take it off

  2. Well you can technically take it off, but the turtles not gonna be happy about it.

  3. I just want a hindi speaking agent saying "bhenchod spike kon layega?"

  4. While that sounds cool I think it'll be confusing for people who don't speak the language. There's a reason why most "important" voicelines like ulties and spike manipulation are in the client language, it's to provide a clear indication of what is going on. Riot themselves say they try their hardest to not affect the game's competitive integrity in any way, and I think having agents speak their native language for those important voicelines will be the opposite of what Riot wants.

  5. I mean, yes players are gonna have different cards from you.

  6. Should I build my own deck then? I've just been using the presets, also any recommendeded guides on how to deck build?

  7. what is up with his shaky aim while firing? It's like his mouse is glitching it's weird as hell

  8. I'm...not? I mean I don't think I can put a piece from Mozart for the piano and expect to produce the same results from my guitar I would from my piano. Since I don't listen to music for leisure, I'm not exposed to other music genres that I might be interested in and so Im asking for suggestions. I never said they were connected I merely gave reasons that would explain why I would need help with finding out what I like on the guitar, and quite frankly I'm insulted by you laughing at me, after all is it really that funny to explain your background in order to explain why you would need help?

  9. What genre? Pop rock? Punk? Metal? Alt? Classic rock? 90s 80s 70s? ...... Country....

  10. Imagine if we had realistic sound effects with these. Ugh I just want the ping that cod5 has with the M1 grand

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