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  1. True but even in theory, the manufacturer should be producing less of the one and more of the other, and charging the same price for both to cover costs (the one on the left would be more expensive to produce per unit because there are less of them). Seems like given the pricing, they either overproduced the one on the left or underproduced the one on the right. In perfect equilibrium they would be the same price despite the differences in supply and demand.

  2. I have a major nitpick with the chest. I HATE the way that you have to stack boxes on top of it in front of one another. Makes taking boxes in the back off really difficult because your arm has to squeeze between a stack.

  3. I'll never understand the packout crowd. Those prices are absolutely insane for what's essentually plastic boxes.

  4. Packout is excellent. Very durable, cool accessories from third parties, and so many uses beyond tools. I have a Packout for car wash supplies, a chest for beach gear for my family, and a stack of three I take camping with us to haul gear, food, and one that I take to the shooting range with me to haul ammo. Waterproof boxes that stack like the Packout and as durable as they are….pretty fair price if you ask me.

  5. Those tools are..uh…really clean…

  6. I’d like to take the time to put mine on display but I’m too busy actually using them

  7. But not too busy to patrol Reddit being a dick or actively engage in swinger’s circles, eh pal? Good luck have fun

  8. The church still calls them Christians. The leaders that are caught are just shifted to another region.

  9. Doesn’t matter what the church calls them. This is the criteria:

  10. Yeah no, the death penalty is something that should not be getting thrown around any more easily than a guilty verdict.

  11. I agree. Especially in today’s psychotic world, do we really want to empower people to kill one another more easily? No thanks.

  12. Not including dual power on the vacuum was a huge mistake, I agree. Of all the Milwaukee tools I own, it’s the one I regret the most

  13. Filoni is a hack of the highest order. Ahsoka is an overrated character that literally breaks canon by her very existence and he continues to shoehorn her in because the mobs of people that fawn over the mediocre Star Wars content nowadays don’t know better and accept it.

  14. Inconvenient fact - most gun injuries are from suicide attempts.

  15. Another inconvenient fact - most gun related crimes and homicides are in democrat controlled cities with strict gun control laws.

  16. The gun is totally fine. Just check your local hardware stores for framing nails and see which one is in more ready supply and cheaper and go with that. Can’t really go wrong either way, though (I have the 21 degree and it’s awesome, but I live where 21 degree nails are more readily available and cheap).

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